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I’ve been browsing around using BlogExplosion for the past 20 minutes or so, waiting for Karl to finish work. It’s ideal for moments like this when I’m bored out of my skull but can’t be arsed to do anything constructive like script writing.. only, there’s one big problem. I find an interesting blog, think of something to say in reply, write out a comment only to scroll down and see: This blog does not allow anonymous comments.

I’m NOT bloody anonymous. I have a name, e-mail address and a URL. Just because I haven’t signed up to your shitty Blogger bollocks doesn’t mean I’m anonymous, it means I have the ability to write my own blog script thankyouverymuch. Somebody, please, tell me what the frickin’ point is of joining a frickin’ blog program to promote your frickin’ blog only to alienate half of your frickin’ commenters?

Frickin’ idiots.

..and I’m still not getting 99.9% of my e-mails. Fixed, I think, but I’ve not received any backdated e-mails sent while the problem was happening. :/

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