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First Day at Work

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I think I did well today. Excusing the fact that when my boss asked me to e-mail my colleagues I ended up typing in my personal e-mail address (force of habit) instead of my work address. Then, when I went to upgrade a client’s forum because it was about 10 versions out of date, Transmit seemed to delete the files that I wasn’t replacing in the various folders thus killing it. MAJOR panic moment! Uploaded an entirely new version and that seemed to fix everything though. *phew*

Spent half of the morning struggling with the single click mouse until about lunch time where I thought “sod it” and switched to my scrolly two-button mouse tucked nicely in my bag (I plan for all eventualities, heh). After that, using the Mac was hardly different from using Windows — minus the weird-ass keyboard setup which I kept falling foul of (” and @ are the wrong way ’round damnit). I feel the Apple key is incredibly badly positioned — not just because I’m a Windows user primarily, but because I have to mangle my fingers together to copy&paste with the keyboard shortcuts.

I quickly got annoyed at Safari and stuck Firefox in my dock instead, well loaded with my familiar extensions already. I was hoping that extensions would not be OS dependant but found the HTML Validator extension “is not available for MacOSX”. Bollocks.

Heyho, settled in quite nicely I think. Got on with quite a bit of work already, had a meeting, discussed cats who leave ‘presents’ on the kitchen floor and drank about 4 cups of coffee. All is good. :) I feel happy at work, which I’ve not felt for a while…

(BTW: if appears unstyled to you, clear your cookies for this site and refresh. This will probably be caused by old style cookies from here conflicting with my new styleswitcher. Let me know if you have any other issues either by e-mail or comment.)

Edit (note to self): handy mac shortcuts.

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  1. Jem said:

    @Li: hah, I’m not really that geeky, I did have it in my laptop bag (because I use it with my laptop) which I DO take everywhere.

  2. Xeronia said:

    There isn’t a big difference between Windows and Mac. Each of them have their own ups and downs. I personally like to use Windows better, the mouse being one reason. You’ll get used to everything. Good luck at work!

  3. Rhiannon said:

    What version of Mac OS X are you using at work? I’ve been on Macs my whole life, and I purchased an iBook in March. It was hard at first getting used to being mouseless, but now whenever I use a desktop computer I can’t use the keyboard as I’m so used to mine, and I can’t use the mouse very well. Bad times.

  4. Jenny said:

    Ha ha — I used to bring my own mouse to work until I discovered a better spare in the back room. I was physically incapable of using the old one button trackball that they gave me originally. And then I had to insall all of my favorite open-source software and organise the hard drive — my office is very laid back, especially when it comes to putting things where you might actually be able to find them again. At least I have a comptuer with enough RAM to run XP properly (unlike the other college student there — poor guy, his computer is so slow as to be almost unusable). And yay for your job! You’ll have to let us in on all off the fancy, high-profile sites you work on (if you’re allowed?) What exactly will you be doing? Does each person get assigned a few customer accounts, or do you all collaborate on everything?

  5. Manda said:

    I’m glad you enjoyed your first day at work! And you certainly are prepared for all eventualities – I’m most impressed by you carrying a computer mouse in your bag :P The new layout is looking very spiffy as well :)

  6. Tracey said:

    Hey Jem, it’s great that you enjoyed your first day at your new job (I wonder if I’ll enjoy mine…?) It’s fantastic that you feel happy, I’d hate to have you unhappy.

  7. Julie said:

    I’m using my sister’s mac computer right now and I’m also always lost with the @ and other special characters. I’m however able to right click even if there’s only one button.

  8. Stephanie said:

    If you want to spring the ungodly amount of money, you can buy the Mighty Mouse which looks like a happy single-click when it is really a left-right click. But in any case, I’m glad your job is going well! It’s great to find a place to work where you can do what you love.

  9. solevoice said:

    Hello Jem, I’ve just found your blog and just wanted to send my best to you and Karl – I also have Cerebral Palsy and have been in AHRJ Hospital at Oswestry so I know what it’s like! Best Wishes to you both and good luck with the new job, SV

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