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Unrequested review of

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Reviewed: Katrina
Site URL:

I completed this review out of sheer frustration at the lack of quality people get away with in the “reviewing world”.

Firstly, you’ve created main.php instead of index, but haven’t used a redirector to make main load as the index, which means after following your URL all I get is a file list. This should have been a sign of your inadequacy, and I really wish I’d exited there – unfortunately, curiosity got the better of me and I just had to click “main.php”. Don’t ask why; it sure wasn’t your talent that pulled me in.

Yummy! Lime green background. Heaven knows why you picked lime green as a background colour when the default skin is pink. Had I not had to wait several minutes for your “top image” to load, I’m sure my eyes would not have been blasted – but this is one of your downfalls. You seem to have this fascination with creating a layout image far too long for the actual page, instead of a small top image and a repeating background. Although, what’s utterly stupid, you DO have a repeating background – so why not trim the crap off the layout image? Alternatively, get rid of the top image – it’s just a load of crappy generic brushes shoved on a pink background anyway.

Comic Sans MS is so 1960’s. Please, please stop using it. It makes your website look untidy and unprofessional. A nice round alternative is Verdana at 9pt – you’ll find it’s nice and chunky, so little paragraphs look bigger, and it’s easy to read. I find that the content and navigation text runs right into your ‘border’ – this also looks unprofessional, and takes away from the aesthetic value of your website (if you have any).

Your links are a good colour, and sufficiently different from the text to be distinguishable. Hoorah! I never thought I’d find anything positive to say.

I find myself flinching as I read thought your paragraphs because you have this uncanny habit of capitalising the first letter of completely random words. For example: “Hi and Welcome to Bedazzled Reviews!” – “Welcome” should be “welcome”. “you can apply at other review sites, Sorry” – “Sorry” should be “sorry”, and so on. The only time you need to capitalise the first letter is at the start of a sentence (after a full stop/period, not a comma), and for names/places/etc. I am sure you should have learnt this kind of thing at school.

A lot of your sentences don’t make sense. I don’t know if you read through your website before publishing it online – but you should.

Just like you, I also want to see my site reviewed to boost our confidence

You want your site reviewed to boost OUR confidence? That sentence would be better as:

Just like you, I want my site reviewed to boost my confidence

Speaking bluntly though, you really ought to lower your expectations. If you want a confidence boost when you have your website reviewed, you need to put the effort into your websites to make them worth complimenting.

Bedazzled was once a site hosted on where no one comes to get reviewed. And who will on a site on freeservers? They were right.

That small paragraph makes very little sense. For starters, the way you’ve worded it makes it sound like people would not go to to be reviewed – which wouldn’t happen anyway as Freewebs is a hosting site and not a review site. Next, “who will on a site on freeservers” – who will what? I assume you mean “who will come to be reviewed on a free server”? You need to make your sentences more clear. Lastly, if you’re going to say something like “They were right” – at least make the effort to explain who “they” are.

You’ve spelt experience as “Experiece” on the about page – correct that.

Your grading system is overly complex, with several pointless sections. “Content-Visitor” for example: not everyone has visitor content; me for one. I can still manage to drag in 500+ visitors a day without it, so obviously it’s not a very important factor? Also, “Content-Site/Domain” – what kind of domain content could one have? Alright, you could explain your domain name and layout, but you actually plan on giving 10 points for that?!

All three content sections could be compressed into one, and “blog” should be removed – not everyone has a blog on their website. If you are desperate to rate blogs, you could always include it in the Content scoring. “Coding Style” should be removed too – who cares what the code looks like, as long as it does the job successfully? I don’t use indents at my personal websites, would you take points off me for that? I’d be quick to mock you if you did.

You give “Your Splash Page” as an explanation of the First Impression section – what about those who don’t have a splash page?

You Must NOT direct-link from my site or else I will not review you and tell my affiliates (if applicable) not to review you too.

I hope to high heavens you never apply to be my affiliate, because if you tried to tell me who I can and cannot review, you’d be given the finger (to put it bluntly).

You demand a link back because you review sites in two browsers. Wow. That’s sarcasm, in case you’d not noticed. How long do you actually take to DO the reviewers? 10 minutes? I review my sites in 5 browsers – but that doesn’t make a good review any better or any more worthy of a link back.

Your fake submit form is pointless – most of ‘us’ know the tricks of the trade and scan rules pages for “you must enter this shit into the textarea” rules and fake submit forms anyway.

Why have you got avatars as link back buttons for your site? Avatars are for forums.

Your “apply.php” page is delivering a 404 – which means both the affiliates and the advertising link on the sidebar are pointless.

Your coding is generally average – I was quite surprised to see <div> tags instead of tables. However, you have two body tags – the second one (<body style="background-color:lime"> – why are you using lime for everything?) is after your “navframe” div and can be removed, as can the ending body tag (</body>). A HTML page only needs one body tag.

Your using an id for navhead which is then repeated several times across the page – ids are for unique objects, and therefore navhead should be changed to a class. In your CSS, change #navhead to .navhead. You can also swap:



border-bottom: 3px double;
border-top: 3px double;

You’ve missed a space between a quotation mark and the word target in this bit of coding:

<a href="apply.php"target="contentframe">

Generally, your code is pretty good, which I suppose is your saving grace and stops this review from being completely pointless. You seem to have a half-way decent grasp of what you’re doing coding-wise, all you need to do is re-learn English. Small hint for your CSS: if you declare your font in the body { } section, you don’t need to re-declare it in your links, as it will be inherited by the browser.

I guess I should summarise this review before I find something else to complain about. Your English is poor, your rules are generally pathetic and the appearance of your website is off-putting. I don’t think you have enough experience or intelligence to be critiquing other people’s websites. I suggest you clean up your pages, or expect to be laughed at by those you “review”. Take my suggestions and work with them, because otherwise your site will be just another crappy review site.

Jem Turner +44(0)7521056376

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