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Reviewed: Laurie
Site URL:

I don’t really know what my first impression of your site is. On one hand, I see the lovely background colour – that shade of blue is one of my favourites – yet at the same time there’s a great big chunk of white space which I don’t “understand”, and two images which, although blue, don’t seem to tie in with the pale pastel blue background/links colour. Your navigation is very faint, and it took me a few minutes to figure out that the upside-down back-to-front words said “Little Girl”. You’d think it’d have been immediately obvious, but no…

Generally speaking, I like the way you’ve set this out. Although it’s not immediately obvious what the white space is for, a horizontal-scrolling layout is often hard to complete so kudos to you for that. As I mentioned already, your main image don’t seem to tie in with the actual colour scheme you’ve got going on with the background and links colour. I took your image into Paint Shop Pro to see if I could come up with some sort of effect which I thought might improve the general consistency and realised you have diagonal text across the image. Did you know that doesn’t appear on my laptop? Is that intentional?

Your links are irritating in that the background and hover colour are the same. This is bad practise in terms of accessibility, and people like me who flick over links without reading them properly have to pause, scroll away and then go back before we know what we’re clicking. Your main navigation system is not immediately obvious either, you might consider adding a note about where it is on the front page. Also, think about adding title text with a longer description of some sort to the images – this is just a suggestion though, and not a necessity. Otherwise, your site seems reasonably practical enough and is easy to use. I especially liked the fact that the navigation remained on the far left after the content loaded. It took me half an hour to realise that the upside-down text is the link back to your main page; I completed most of this review by clicking back in my browser or altering the address in the bar – you might want to think about doing something to sort this issue.

Your autobiography is light, easy reading. I cannot seem to get the hang of that style, so this is something I envy. It has light humour yet remains detailed about who you are. Your entire website seems to have this quality though – you can be witty and yet serious at that same time.

I was about to bitch at you for having a “crappy” wishlist on your website, but it’s far from that. This is probably the only wishlist I’ve ever seen and actually read through! I love your illustrations – they add a bit of colour; some life even, to what would otherwise be just text. Slightly curious as to why Web Camera is still listed when you’ve already got one? Your content is generally well presented and your language is informal but not “bad”. What I mean is you’re not resorting to using bloody awful chat speak/etc.

Bravo for completing that level of Minesweeper. Hoorah for Minesweeper players! I like your underwear designs (I want some blue stripy thongs.) However, you might want to add a small sentence explaining that users must click the picture to see the next one. There are idiots (read: me) who will close the window several times until they figure it out. I love the way you’ve added a touch of class to the hug counter – certainly a new way of presenting it.

A few errors/criticisms regarding your content/pages:

  • On the index page, you’ve spelt interested as intersted.
  • You should warn that the contact form opens in a new window.
  • Under Food Raves, “Mayonaise” should be Mayonnaise
  • “suppose” should be supposed under #06 on your Fuck List

Your website validates as HTML 4.01 Transitional, this is great. I checked random pages and saw no errors. I know I say this to everyone, but – have you considered aiming for XHTML? It’s not that big a difference in terms of coding (it just requires some tidying up/etc), but would make me even more impressed. If you want any advice or help on this, feel free to contact me on a personal one-to-one basis. I’m not going to push it any more than that, because validating itself is worth praising.

I really enjoyed looking through your website. Although it gives off the impression of being quite small to look at (a psychological thing – maybe caused by your layout style?) it is quite easy to get lost in the content. Your personality and method of doing things absolutely beams from everything and your illustrations added fun where-ever they popped up. Your style of typing is easy to read through which means your visitors will take in what you’re trying to say. Obviously I’d love to see more – either more art or more writings (opinions maybe?), but you’re just fine with what you’ve got. Great site. Work out the navigation “flaws” though, for my sake if nothing else.

Jem Turner +44(0)7521056376

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