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New Nephew

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My updates/postings have been somewhat sporadic of late because I’m supposed to be on holiday. I’ve been working my ass off to finish a football scores/data logging database for one of the guys at work and then mid way through — it’s babysitting time.

Anna was taken into hospital yesterday to be induced (she was 10 days over) and *insert hospital stuff here* she gave birth at about 11:20pm to a baby boy. I would say a little baby boy but at 10lbs 2oz he was far from little! Poor Anna, heh. Karl and I will hopefully see her and our new nephew tommorrow afternoon.

Anyway, back to the grindstone this week…

(Edit: I broke my tracker again. Stupid thing.)

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  1. Stephanie said:

    Yay baby :) Be a good aunt and spoil it to death, ’cause that’s what the cool aunts do. And Jem must be a cool aunt, ;) And no matter what the mommy says, buy that kid the noisiest toys there are, because it’s so much fun to hear the stories about parents hiding wailing toys only to find that their child(ren) have located their secret hiding place. Children have radar, I am telling you. Enjoy your auntship – all the fun of children with the great ability to run away when they get boring and start to smell bad ;)

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