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I may have job news! I don’t really have much information to share just yet.. the position is still being held by the “previous” person, I’ve not accepted the position and I don’t know 100% if I will, but fingers crossed.

You know what makes reviewing worthwhile? This does! Seeing people who are willing to take what you say and improve their website — those who don’t bother really make me question the point to it all.

I’ve not really been updating much because of various things. Work’s been hectic, missing Dad, been working on my fanlistings (go see) and other pointless crap to keep myself distracted.

I realised something today too.. my tutorial site receives almost the same amount of unique hits a day as here. Glad my site has recovered from the dip after I switched hosts.. back up to 800 a day domain total. This’ll change when I get all the new stuff added on Nov 1st.. 1200 a day maybe? ;)

I’m rambling..

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