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Christmas was good. Karl and I didn’t get much sleep on Christmas Eve because of my excited fidgeting and the fact we were sleeping on one of those crappo airbed thingies on my Mum’s front room floor, and the kids (my younger brothers & sister) wouldn’t stop bickering.. but I got some great presents for which I’m incredibly grateful, and Christmas dinner was just delicious. Nothing beats my Mum’s roast potatoes, I swear.

I feel somewhat spoilt this year because Karl got my three quite ‘big’ (not size) presents — a new watch, a big book on crochet stitches and patterns and a bottle of my absolute favourite perfume (Chanel No. 5; I’ve expensive tastes). I also got a set of crochet hooks from Karl’s mum (from 0.6mm — 5.5mm) which is awesome, because I only had two before. My Mum got me a Perl book (which I asked for) and some other bits and bobs including one of those Galileo thermometer thingymajigs with the little glass blobs inside that float up or down depending on the temperature. It’s pretty and practical! Then there was my other stuff which I’m not going to mention because you’re all bored already.

The best part of Christmas was just seeing the family together this year without all of the big arguments and having to choose ‘sides’ to be on. I got to see my niece Charlotte opening presents at my Mum’s — and see her running around excited shouting “hello hello” and counting on her fingers like I’ve been teaching her. She’s one smart little kid. :) Dylan slept through most of it, heh. I think Karl would have too if he’d had chance — he looked knackered on Christmas day.

Boxing day we did the “family thing” ..going to see Karl’s Aunts/Uncles and his Nan and then going back to my Mum’s. We had a laugh, but unfortunately seemed to have developed a minor cold along the way somewhere. Oh, and I’ve got no coffee in so I’ve got to go shopping today. Heyho.. best go and make the best of the rest of 2005!

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  1. Jem said:

    Randal L. Schwartz: I don’t think so I’m afraid. It’s called “PERL in Easy Steps”. I don’t know how good it is, I’ve not started reading it yet..

  2. Stephanie said:

    I have Programming Perl, 3rd Edition that my mentor gave to me. That’s a good one. No. 5 is a lovely perfume, but I personally prefer Philosophy’s Falling in Love or Clinique’s Happy Heart. I love those Galileo thermometers – I like to stick it out the window then bring it back in a few times… fun to watch while it unconfuses itself ;)

  3. Bronnie said:

    Wow!! You were spoilt! Very lovely gifts! I’m guessing you’re quite into the crocheting. Have fun with your new prezzies!! Mmm Christmas roast is the best, isn’t it? :)

  4. chien said:

    Wow! A Perl book! Ooh! I’ve been getting my parents to get me LOADS of stuff like that. So far I only had books on Macromedia Suite, PHP5 and Creating Web Pages. I’ve always wanted to learn Perl. I love roast potatoes! Yummm… I really wish I had one to snack on now…

  5. Echo said:

    That all sounds very pleasant. I was most disappointed with Christmas dinner. It wasn’t homemade *sigh*. Chinese might have been nice as an alternative. Damn.

  6. Aneesah said:

    Haha, what a coincidence. I’m just getting into crocheting too, I’ve just finished a flat squirrel. It’s supposed to be a “fridgie” (as stupid as that sounds), but I’m not gonna glue a big ol’ magnet on its back, nope. I’d like some more yarn, actually. Hooks I’m fine with, I just use this gigantic metal one. It’s so versatile. I’m so happy for you, with all those presents. The thermometer sounds so cool! Geeky-cool, but cool, nevertheless. We don’t even own a thermometer. Not even the ones for checking for fevers. Charlotte sounds adorable. ^_^ Happy new year!

  7. kachii said:

    I love Chanel No5 also. But I never have been bought it, and I couldn’t afford it myself. I just secretly use my mums and ask for Elizabeth Arden for Christmas XD