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Crocheting Madness!

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I’ve been crocheting basic blanket squares for as long as I can remember. My mum would start me off and I’d crochet and crochet. I stopped for a while when I discovered the Internet, and only recently picked up again; in an attempt to finish a blanket I started that was supposed to be ready for Charlotte’s birth. Yeah, right.

Anyway, I couldn’t exactly call crocheting a hobby when all I can do is squares, so I decided to use the resources at my finger tips to teach me more. This is great, I’ve found a tutorial on creating a starting chain.. but what the hell does:

sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in ea of next 13 chs, ch 1 (to turn). (14 sc)

..mean? It’s on the Beginner’s Easy Single Crochet Scarf Free Pattern page. Even after translating the abbreviations as per the list, it doesn’t make much sense. I think I’m going to make this up as I go along and see how it works. *crossed fingers* Feel free to share tips..

Edit: Okay, I think I’ve got the stitches down alright, it’s basically the same as the squares only one stitch per loop thingy instead of three.. but it seems on ever ‘turn’ I’m losing a stitch — I started with 25 and I’m down to 19. What am I doing wrong?

Edit (14th Nov): I figured out where I was going wrong. At the end of each row, before the ‘turn’, it seems I was missing the final stitch because it wasn’t as obvious. Or something. Anyway, I started a new scarf and it’s going great so far. In fact, it’s almost half done after just a bit of work. That is, unless I decide to make it 10ft long, hehe..

Edit. Again: I finished! My scarf was somewhat cut short because I, in my infinite wisdom, started with a half used ball of wool. So it’s not much of a scarf, but groovy all the same.. and I love this wool, such gorgeous colours.

[img] my scarf

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  1. Demoness said:

    Your loops are slipping off and the string is pulling out the loop, therefore getting rid of the stitch. Which is why you have 19. That makes no sense… it’s hard to explain. … I used to lose them when I was younger but I got better and the problem stopped. Mainly my problem was that I was looping the new stiches too close to the end of the sticks, causing them to slip off. That’s just me though, it could be caused by a multitude of things. It could also be that you’re pulling the two sticks apart too much.

  2. Meggan said:

    Heh, all I was ever able to do was crochet a long, stupid string. I was never able to do anything useful. I also used to know how to knit, but the only thing I ever made was an ugly pink and blue pillow. I’m no help. Sorry. :)

  3. Echo said:

    Uhg. I enjoyed crocheting when I was younger but I never finished ANYthing. My neighbor taught me while my mom was in the hospital over the weekend bringing on little-sibling number two of three. I dunno what you’re doing ‘wrong’ to lose a number- I remember I could never bring myself to count because I’d make big, long blankets so it would be hundreds of loops and I had not the energy to count them all or the mental stability if I had to put it down and then forgot later what number I was on. Uhg. By the way, I got your message on Echoia asking if I’d like to chat etc. Basically, I don’t chat anymore. I was going to e-mail you about this but I’m too lazy to look it up in my box *uhg*. When I’m on the computer I’m either working on graphics/websites or reading NBA things, obsessively e-mailing my manfriend or just staring blankly. I always forget to reply to people when I try to chat with them and their feelings are inevitably hurt ~shrugs So I stay away from it unless Kevin’s online.

  4. Jessica said:

    Ahh I’d always wanted to learn to crochet! My great grandmother used to crochet blankets for all her great-grandkids. I STILL have mine, over twenty years old and I still have it. :)

  5. Chrissy said:

    I would actually have to SEE your piece to tell you what you’re doing worng and give advice. Maybe if you take a couple pictures with your camera? I dunno how well that would work, either. But I can try. I’m sorta new to crocheting, but I’m getting better and better. I never understand patterns. I have to take them to my grandma and have her tell me what to do instead. Hehehe.

  6. Gemma said:

    Can’t help, I’m afraid – it’s been years since I did anything with yarn. Congratulations for having a hobby like that, though. There’s something uniquely therapeutic about crafting things with one’s hands. Forgot to add that the ‘Simple Silouette’ layout is very pretty :). I love the autumnal colours. And as I discovered last night, it looks just as good with images turned off.

  7. Amanda said:

    Is crocheting anything like knitting? Cause I can knit, but I can’t guarantee anything about being able to help with the crocheting… And oh yes, lovely new theme. :)

  8. Carly said:

    I am mad to pay for advertising but I just wanted a nice traffic boost. Who knows, maybe one day people will pay me to advertise their site. lol Crocheting sounds like fun. Is it hard to do? I would like to get into something crafty like that!

  9. Carly said:

    By the way, you probably already know this, and intended for it to happen, but I’m veiwing your site on campus with a huge resolution. To stop nosey buggers looking at what I’m saying to you – I resize the window til it’s tiny. Your header and all boxes resize perfectly to look like a mini Jem layout!! It’s ace..!

  10. Brenda said:

    Ack. I can barely sew. Let alone knit or crochet. I’d probably prick my own finger and bleed to death. XP All the best for your crocheting “project” though. :P Do let us take a peek at the end results!

  11. Nicole said:

    I had the exact same issues when I was learning to crochet. I’d start out so wide, and gradually get smaller and smaller. I love crocheting, it’s kind of relaxing :)

  12. Figgy said:

    You need to add an extra stitch after every turn, don’t you? oO Otherwise, you lose the one. I don’t know if you did that. I haven’t crocheted in forever.

  13. Carly W said:

    Yes, actually I think I will have a go at learning this crocheting… I want to crochet a scarf, that’ll be cool. I learnt bobbin knitting once, made many tea coasies!

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