A Microsoft Bitch and the Q*bee

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I must confess I’m a bit of a Microsoft-aholic. Alright, their browser bugs the crap out of me and I could quite happily go on a ban-FrontPage rally.. but generally speaking I find their Operating System/s to be handy, easy to use and usually always immediate in their support of drivers. I use a legal copy of XP Home, Office XP and just recently bought Age of Empires (a Microsoft game). I even admire their ability to dominate the market in a way — it makes me envious of the success of the company.

On the other hand, I am sick of the code-bloat and the proprietary shite, so yesterday I uninstalled my copy of MS Office and have migrated to Open Office. It’s free, does exactly what MS Office did (so far) and is 10 times faster. I would get rid of my OS but there’s a flaw in that logic: every distro of Linux that Karl has downloaded completely refuses to talk to the wireless network. It picks up Karl’s wired network/router setup just fine, but when unplugged and given a trendy wireless dongle it tells it to piss off. Not literally. So, uh.. any suggestions from you Linux ‘boffins’ would be appreciated!

Moving on, I want to give The Quilting Bee a quick plug. It’s in need of a fresh burst of talented designers such as you regular visitors of mine. ;) It basically requires you trading mini ‘patches’ twice a month and being friendly. Can be great fun and brings quite a bit of traffic to my site. (That’s not a reason to join, ’cause you’ll soon be booted :P just an added bonus.) You might even learn to make pixel graphics like this piece of hot-ness!

I ramble.. back to working on my CSS Reboot design and stuff for work. Don’t forget to vote for me. ;)

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