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The first thing that I saw was your top image, above your content. I enjoyed looking at the details on the leaves – quite a fetching photograph. The only problem is, you’ve covered the main flower with your title text, and I think it defeats the purpose of the image. In my opinion you should have left-aligned the text nearer to the left hand side, and used anti-aliasing to prevent it from looking so rough-edged.

On the topic of your text – I am confused as to why your left hand menu uses a serif font, yet your blog uses a sans-serif font, then the rest of your content is serif again! I don’t mind which style you use (serif or sans-serif – although sans-serif is often easier to read, especially for those with poor eyesight) but keep it static, otherwise you don’t keep your own “house style” and it lets down the consistency of what could otherwise be a very elegant site.

The site itself is well presented. Other than the rough fonts (do you not ever use anti-aliasing, or was it created ‘rough’ on purpose?) the layout is a nice style and two column / top image layouts are often the easiest to use/browse. You’ve got a nice big font which is easy to read, with dark colours on a lighter background so it stands out – this is great.

In your blog (log, whatever) you have used a lighter colour for your header (subject) than you have for your main text. This to me looks wrong – as it’s always the header of a document that is supposed to stand out more than anything, to attract a readers attention. My suggestion is to make the subject/header darker, bigger or more pronounced – do this by underlining or styling it in a slightly different way to the rest of your text.

Your links are hard to spot/use. In your left hand menu they’re the same colour as your text, and don’t have any hover effect which means any potential visitors you receive could miss out on chunks of your website! Also, in your main content you have merely applied bold to the links; I think this just makes them look like darkened/exaggerated text – give them an underline while hovering or something similar to make them stand out from the rest.

Scrolling marquees are bad enough, but a scrolling marquee of images is bound to crash a few browsers for those with bad connections. You have some pretty photography there, so giving them a portfolio/page of their own (as mentioned in your b/log) should be a top priority. While I’m talking about your photos – the thumbnails are linked, but the links don’t actually lead anywhere. If you’re planning on linking to the larger image or a portfolio as mention, I suggest getting the larger images up and running before adding the links to the thumbnails – I was disappointed that I couldn’t see the full range of your photography in full.

You’ve got some great written content under “Her Ladyship” – but you squish it into little pop-ups. It would be really nice if you gave them pages of their own. You could still list them under your sections as you have done, but let them “spread their wings” so to speak. You are an interesting person, don’t squash your potential in a little scroll box.

As I said – some great written content. You are quite brave to voice your opinions and to openly talk about your deafness. I should imagine the internet is great for you – as interaction is visual and not sound? My only problem is your opinion of Lesbians/Bisexuals/Gays. After reading, I was rather tempted to delete the review and your application, but I reminded myself I’m reviewing your site and not you. Are you sure you wish to be reviewed by the daughter of a lesbian though?

Your “Writings” section was another good read – although I’d like to see more there. Again, you should give your writings a page of their own instead of squishing the individual bits into pop-ups. Especially when you consider how many people use pop-up blockers. If someone using a blocker visits your site and clicks a link, only to get an error or warning – they may think you have no content!

I liked the menu system on “The Domain” – maybe you could use the same thing on your Writings/Her Ladyship section instead of pop-ups?

I’ve spotted a few typing errors which I thought I’d list for you. I am not going to list grammatical errors, and please excuse (ignore) English corrections of American words.

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