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Immediately upon entering your site I was settled. No glaring colours, no huge images, no pop-up “vote for me” boxes. Already, I can tell that this site has a certain style and definite class.

A short but to-the-point introduction is framed by a cool and calm background colour with a well-integrated ‘top image’. Kudos for using it as a background in a div – prevents thieves from right-clicking and saving your image to their hard drive. The whole thing blends well together, but provides enough contrast to be readable and pleasant to the eye.

The main box is small – this gives a sense of simplicity, but it also gives the impression of more text and therefore a bigger site – a great idea for those with small personal sites such as yours. On the same topic, it’s not TOO small, which means I don’t have to screw up my eyes to make out your text.

I was impressed by your navigation – you’ve not used generic includes that insert the same menu into every page, which means you can ‘unlink’ pages so the visitor knows where they are, and doesn’t click the same link again. I also like that you’ve linked related pages at the bottom of the page, instead of the top – this allows a user to read through a page before getting distracted by other links.

Despite my belief that every site needs content, I tend to follow the rule that personal sites should either be entirely personal, or have lots of content – no in-between because that promotes laziness and lack of effort. Your site fits under the “entirely personal” category and is reflected right the way through your site.

You don’t stop with the basics on your personal page, which is GREAT. You write about personality quirks, beliefs, your thoughts and opinions, people you care about. I get the feeling that it is your life, cut down and reflected onto your page, which is exactly what a personal site should do. What makes your site truly special though, is the fact that you make it sound interesting – you’ve filled your site full of ‘bubbles’ and included things that people can relate to. Btw – when you learn C++, can you teach me?

I first assumed there were no spelling mistakes on your pages, but after much digging I did manage to find a few. Some of these are more me being anal, and not necessarily something you have to correct:

Page Paragraph Typo Correction
lisa.php 7 goth Goth
faqs.php que. 8 webdesign web design
validate.php most markup mark-up
exits.php?resources last accesibility accessibility
exits.php?resources 7 markup mark-up
exits.php?clothes 8 glamourous glamorous

In terms of coding, you are far more accomplished than I, and therefore I am not going to embarrass myself by trying to take yours apart. Anyway, all of your pages (that I tested) validate, and therefore any errors there may possibly be are obviously not important. Also: your site is viewable in all of the browsers I own, which is the important thing. One positive note though; it’s great that you’ve added a stylesheet for printing. A rarity on personal sites, bravo!

A suggestion (not a necessity) I will make is that you use <p> </p> tags instead of double line breaks – just because it is tidier, and easier to set personal preferences with margins and paddings. I personally detest the parapraph tags myself, but they are easier to implement and customise overall.

To sum up my rather uninformative and unhelpful review I just want to pass my compliments on your website. It is the kind of example that I would point out if anyone ever asked me what a personal site is. Your site isn’t perfect (I’m yet to find a site that is), but it lacks the problems and errors that I pick up from most. You utilise your skills adequately, and put yourself into your website. Keep up the excellent work in the future.

Jem Turner +44(0)7521056376

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