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Thankfully I’m on a broadband modem, so the first three seconds of browsing your site is a pleasant experience. You’ve got a stunning top image that is interesting to look at. The only problem is, on dial-up I could have been waiting about one minute for that to load. The majority of site visitors exit during their first 1-30 seconds of visiting, so if any of your 1-30 second visitors are on dial-up, they’re not going to see your top image which is a great pity.

My only other criticism is because your entire top image is ‘faded and shaded’ there is no designated focal point – strengthen the center of the image, or your title for maximum impact. This just makes it easier for the eye to settle, and is not a necessity.

The overall presentation of your site is great. I rarely see a site that breaks up their blocks of text with relevant images; it works well, and adds a certain amount of personality to what would otherwise just be a plain page. I love how the pale pastel shades of the featured images fit well with the sidebar and top image, great choices made there.

You’ve picked a good, round font which contrasts just enough against the white background to be readable, without making it stand out too much. I would suggest making the content in your sidebar darker though, because on TFT monitors/laptop screens there’s not much different between the colour of the text/links and the background shade. How about swapping the hover colour with the normal colour?

Your navigation system is effective; something I have used myself in the past. More visited links featured, with others stored under ‘more’ – a good idea, some visitors are put off by large blocks of links.

I think your page would look better with justified text, simply because the main content is effectively in a “box”. I’ve just recently started thinking that boxed text looks better justified, and ‘free’ text ( is a good example) looks good aligned left. This is, of course, a personal preference – but try it out and see for yourself what I mean.

It’s obvious that some of site is ‘inspired’ by other sites (jordie for sale = family for sale?), but you still keep your own ideas and styles which is vitally important. It is hell reviewing sites that are just another repetition of what’s already out there, and I am sure visitors would agree they’re irritating to browse too.

Your content consists of some unique stuff (Imaginary Friends, Trash Can) and some not-so unique stuff (AIM Icons). I am thoroughly pleased, however, that you’ve not followed the trend of offering other people’s fonts for download. It is a relief that you simply list the fonts and suggest others search for them on their own: font creators will love you. I do find it incredibly amusing however, that you state how you detest chat speak yet offer a dictionary on it for your visitors (even if it is a joke).

Your XHTML validates, which saves me a tiring job. However, there’s an error with your CSS. I’ve checked it over and I think it’s because of this bit:
.head {
font-family:georgia, arial, sans-serif;

You’ve specific a serif font in the first instance, and therefore cannot specify a sans-serif font as back up. My suggestion would be to change it to something like:

.head {
font-family: georgia, times, times new roman, serif;

Times New Roman is mentioned in two instances, because certain older browsers don’t understand the abbreviation to ‘times’.

Your site is quite hard to review. Not because it’s ugly, badly written or anything of the sort; simply because (like a few others I’ve come across) it is hard to critique something that has so obviously had time and attention put into it. Your site is free from obvious spelling errors (I have a cold, and I’m too lazy to do a full check) and has no coding or design flaws that jump out at me. It’s interesting to read through, and is certainly not like others I’ve come across. Keep up the great work, and use the few suggestions I’ve made to your advantage. Don’t let my good review go to your head; always strive to add and improve to what you have.

Jem Turner +44(0)7521056376

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