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Reviewed: Dorie
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As first impressions go, yours is good. You’ve got a nice, easy to see top image with large CLEAR text. The average visitor will certainly know where they are. Already I can tell your site is bright, cheery and will not be full of profanity or other undesirable content.

The layout works. It’s a generic two-column style with a top image. I have to admit it’s the style of layout I tend to favour most. At 8pt, your main text size is viewable even on higher resolutions. I would of course recommend using a percentage font-size in the future, as they’re adjustable based on the browser settings. This means those who are visually impaired may change the size to suit their personal preferences.

Another point regarding your text; the colour. The main text (and title) looks like quite a weird shade of purple-blue, whereas the background (immediately behind the text) is a sky blue. You’ve used two shades of blue from opposite ends of the ‘range’. I would suggest changing the sky blue, or a much easier task – adjust the text colour. This is obviously just for aesthetic reasons, but will make the page appear to blend better. I suggest taking the background colour (#B5E3E7) into PSP and altering the “Light” attribute only. Something like #2C7390 would suit.

Thankfully you’ve underlined your links which makes them stand out – making your pages easier to navigate, and making the overall site much more functional.

I was quite disappointed after being so analytical about the presentation of your site to discover that my critique of your content would be so basic. Why? Simply because you have very little personal content, and on a personal site I expect more. In future, I suggest working on the content that really makes the reader feel like they know you, before you submit for a review – this is what we like to see!

The personal content you do have that relates to you is quite generic – stuff that appears quite a lot on most blog-sites. I think joined would be better suited in “www”. On your “quick facts” page, why have you capitalised the place you live in but not your name? Some more interesting/unique facts would be fun to read – think about what you can add to that page carefully to make it yours, and unlike any others I’ve seen.

You have an abundance of visitor content, which sort-of makes up for the lack of content elsewhere. Your “fortune cookie” page is far too plain. Maybe you should introduce a form for users to submit their own fortunes, or to send in what they got and if it helped. Your rules are short and to the point, which is good – but you may wish to link to pages where visitors can find information on WHY they should link back. Pages like and are good educational resources.

On the topic of rules, copyright and such – my uptight side of me tells me you shouldn’t be asking people to link back anyway. Correct me if I’m wrong (I often am), but don’t the images featured in your AIM icons, avatars and blogs belong to other people? Technically you’re not allowed to edit and redistribute them, because it’s against the law. Unless you’ve obtained written permission to use these images in free stuff on your site, you might want to be careful what you do with them.

Your reads are amusing, and it’s nice to see the odd one I’ve not seen before on your site, but surely you should credit the website you obtained them from on each page, and not just on a separate ‘credits’ page? Do you have permission to redistribute the fonts you feature on your ‘fonts’ page? Again, you should be careful with this kind of stuff. Just because everyone else does it, doesn’t make it right.

The voting link ‘3′ doesn’t work because the Jemjabella Toplist shut down. The script is one big security hole and let in unwanted ‘visitors’ – you should think seriously about this, as I noticed you’re using the same script. The link back to here would be better suited on your ‘www’ page under ‘links out’. Under ‘directories/listings’ your link to the Reverie Listing is 31×88 when it should be 88×31.

I am not going to spell-check your site because I don’t have the right software and may end up making myself look silly. I do think you should go through your site yourself though, and capitalise place names, people’s names, etc. You’ll probably find that if you give your site a read-through every now and again you’ll spot mistakes that you (and others) may have missed otherwise.

You’ve got the XHTML 1.0 Transitional doctype, and your coding looks all right enough, but your index page is currently not validating. Your little ‘diamond’ image link is missing the closing tag required to validate XHTML. Replace the current code with this new code:
I am a rare <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" width="11" height="10" border="0" alt="diamond of the web!" /></a>

Your aim icons page also has a missing “</div>” tag. I haven’t checked all of your pages, but as far as I can tell there are no more errors. If you linked to the validator it would of course be easier to validate every page quickly; just by clicking the link. Your CSS validates perfectly – well done. Sort out the few minor errors and I think every page will validate without problem.

On the whole, you site is a pleasure to browse, even if it is a little dissapointing regarding content. I am sure you’re going to improve upon that over time though. Good luck with making your site unique, and with the perfect validation!

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