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Note: I am reviewing skin 7, “My Doodleblog”.

The first thing I see upon getting to your site is the doodle, smack-bang in the middle. Not such a bad thing, as it’s a cute doodle – but I think it dominates the screen. The layout is lovely, and the colours simply drift into each other, I don’t think the doodle should be allowed to detract from that. My suggestion is to decrease the size of the doodle, or link a thumbnail version of to a pop-up or the archives so we can see the full version *if* we want to.

The layout works. I don’t can’t think of a better way to put that sentence. The layout just works. Despite using a variety of colours, the pale pastel shades fit well together and give the page a unique and relaxing look. You text is appropriately sized, and I’m glad you used verdana – it seems to “fit” with pastel shade layouts, because of its chunkiness. The fact that you’ve used different sizes in the sidebar, and different link effects is ‘cute’ – it makes the page more appealing, and less ’static’ – change is good.

The page loaded at a reasonable speed, and although you’ve got a few images here and there, I think they complement the layout – especially the day headings for the weblog entries. Certainly something I’d not seen before. I am glad you’ve got your own set of smilies – especially designed to fit the line height too, great stuff!

I don’t like your navigation. When the skin first loaded I assumed the navigation would be on the left-hand side with all of the other menu content, and it wasn’t. My brain did not register that the yellow-green row was anything other than a divider, to split the doodle from the rest of the content. Also, the link initial is confusing – I don’t like having to hover to find out where I’m going. I think this really lets the rest of the layout down.

Once I got used to the navigation, I found your content. You have some great content, and I love the way you’ve set things out – the little pink bullet is *too* cute. However, I am curious as to why you’ve indented the start of your paragraphs in your Autobiography, yet in Love there is no indentation. On the rest of your pages you’ve indented the whole paragraph or nothing at all. I think you should stick to indenting the first line of each paragraph on the pages with large amounts of text, because it looks better. It adds to the consistancy and overall perfection of the layout too.

Talking of layouts, I want to know why you’ve not used “Image 9″ from artwork in a layout (skin)?! It’s one of the cutest images I’ve seen on your site, and would work so well with pastel pinks and something chunky – big fonts, etc. This is merely a suggestion, of course.

On your ‘Random Facts’ page, you’ve spelt cigarette wrong. It is cigarette, not “cigarrette”. On your “Love” page you have typed “we” twice – “was the night before we we left for college”. On “Reading Material” under “The Perfect Guy”, you use chat speak, which makes you appear less intelligent than you really are – you’ve also misspelled appreciate – “or even if they r bad u appreaciate the effort to make u laugh”. On the same page under “Insanity” you’ve missed the hyphen from co-workers (“your coworkers address you by your wrestling name”). Also on the same page, under “Feel Better”, the comma after ‘world’ in the first sentence is not needed, nor is the comma after ‘you’ in the fifth sentence. You’ve combined every night to “Everynight” – add the space. On the 14th line, replace the comma after them with a semi-colon to be grammatically correct.

You’ve got a good amount of content – it is obvious to me that you like/respect your visitors. I think it’s quite generous of you to offer your groovy smilies, and those adorable webpage goodies. Your list of downloadable fonts is nice – do you have permission from the creators to redistribute them? On that topic, have you ever thought of making your own font? You have lovely handwriting! Check out I love your Radio Blog – I’ve never seen that on a website before.

Looking at your coding I felt quite ashamed. I don’t have any right to be reviewing you – you are really quite talented! You’ve mastered XHTML, CSS (and tableless CSS), PHP, and more. I checked your validation results on as many pages as my poor little hands would allow, and I can’t find *any* errors – round of applause to you. I tried to find errors, and was left speechless – you’ve done a fabulous job.

With the exception of a few spelling/grammar errors your site was a pleasure to read through, colourful yet pleasing to the eyes and very well coded. Try and do something with your navigation though – it is really quite frustrating. Overall, I loved your site, and adored the fact I didn’t have to critique your coding. Well done.

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