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Your Outsourced Support Sucks

I was trying to renew a domain for work earlier this week. After logging in to the control panel, I clicked the “Renew Domains” button and was presented with: Database error: Invalid SQL: SELECT * FROM domains dom, members mem WHERE dom.dom_id = AND (dom.dom_registrant…

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Comma Separated Link List

A thread at some random forum asking how you make your WordPress links look like “this, this, this” popped up in my tutorialtastic referrers, so I figured I’d post how I do it here. Firstly, you’ll want to alter the way WordPress displays the links.…

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Age Is a Bullshit Excuse

I’m sure I’ve covered this before, but screw it… I’m going to cover it again. Using your age as an excuse for being incapable of something is bullshit. Unless you’re coding at the age of 3, I don’t want to hear it. I cannot repeat…

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PHP Game Programming

I am very interested in creating some PHP-based simple text/image games, like hangman, guessing games, “higher or lower”, that sort of thing. Unfortunately, resources seem few and far between to get me started on the right track. I’m sure I could sit down and eventually…

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