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The jemjabella household is a bit of a zoo, covering several different species: from pedigree cats to exotic spiders. While a hundred (exaggeration) pets might not be everyone's idea of fun, and there's no shortage of cleaning duties to be had, there's always something furry looking for a cuddle and a fuss.

Flymo: Latest in Grass Cutting Technology

Furry Friday: Catching Rays

crumble catching rays

A Furry Intruder

Oh, hello… :D


Welcome our newest addition; you may recognise her. Fudge is currently hiding from her, and Hex is doing his best “I’m a big scary boss cat” routine complete with growls and hisses. Isabel is absolutely fascinated by her, and the kitten likewise.

She’s not named yet, so feel free to make suggestions.

Oh My Cuteness!

Isn’t this little girl kitty just gorgeous?

kitteh kitteh

Tell me I don’t want another kitty. Tell me I don’t need the expense (spaying, food, litter). Tell me I don’t need the hassle of integrating a third cat. Tell me how much more difficult 3 cats are. Tell me that no matter how many ginger kitties I eye up, I’ll never replace Marmalade.

Tell me before this little darling is old enough to be re-homed…

Furry Friday: Stuff on my Cat

What’s this, a post that’s not about babies or breastfeeding? Who’d have thought it.

furry friday

Furry Not-So-Friday

Hex n Purple Cat

Just a quick entry to let y’all know I’ve added a few pictures of the cats to my flickr :)

Vote for Merlin

My mum has entered one of her cats into a competition being held by a UK supermarket to find the cutest cat. The winner will be awarded with a years supply of cat food. If you think this picture…


…is as cute as we do, please vote for Merlin by clicking on the stars beneath the picture. Five stars is best! :)

PS. still sick, not dead yet though.

Furry Friday: Catching Rays

Mimi mentioned on last week’s Furry Friday post that Hex doesn’t get enough posts, and focus seems to be on Fudge. This isn’t intentional, I do not have a favourite cat. There are two problems, however, with posting new Hex material… firstly, he refuses to let me take his photograph properly, which means 90% of Hex pictures come out as a blur; secondly, he is such a dark cat and unless the light is absolutely intense, it’s almost impossible to capture his features rather than a big blob of black.

Anyway, excuses aside, this photo is from last week:

hex catching rays

And just to keep things interesting, a comparison shot from about 18 months ago, the week we got Hexynoodles:

hex as a kitten

As you can see, there’s a bit of a size difference…

On Cat Books and Tom Cox

Karl’s mum bought me a cat book for Christmas. The Cat Who Came in from the Cold by Deric Longden, to be precise. I must admit, I started it with a little trepidation. Just because I like cats does not automatically mean I like everything to do with cats. However, the book was great, and I went on to demand Enough To Make A Cat Laugh for my birthday, buying Paws in the Proceedings myself (also by Longden). Anyway, after having sped through those, I was desperate for a new cat book to read. Yes, I am that sad.

I did a bit of a searching and came across “Under the Paw: Confessions of a Cat Man” by Tom Cox. I ordered it using the gift voucher my brother (Kris) gave me for my birthday, and it finally arrived a couple of weeks ago. Given that I only read a few pages a night to get me off to sleep, I’ve only just finished it. Aside from the desire to leave Karl, run away to find this chap and usurp his current girlfriend so that we can share our obvious mutual cat love (he has SIX cats!) — about which I’m obviously kidding, I love Karl very much — I couldn’t get over how funny I found the whole thing. I just couldn’t help but nod along to the majority of it (although I questioned the author’s sanity in taking on six cats, really.)

Unfortunately, Cox doesn’t seem to have published a second cat book, but upon browsing his (rather crap, sorry) website I discovered that he does blog. Not only that, he blogs about cats. He blogs about his own cats, and other people’s cats. How frickin’ cool is that?! (Please, that question needn’t be answered ;) )

Furry Friday: Buckets

Hex and Fudge have multiple nicknames. Hex is also known as “Noodles” (Hexy Noodles) and Fudge as “Buckets” (Fudgey Buckets). The later, mostly to do with the fact that Fudge’s stomach is like a bucket… a bottomless pit. Case in point: Karl and I had just finished our evening meal, when Fudgey appears…

nom nom nom

Nom nom nom, burnt chip. Strange cat. (He can also normally be seen noming on custard creams, bourbon biscuits, guinea pig grass nuggets, fluff, hair, his own butt, etc.)

Furry Friday: Piggy Expedition

The new flat has a kitchen with a door, which means we can shut it off from the cats and let the piggies get some exercise. So far, they’re absolutely loving it:

guinea pigs adventure

In other furry news, we’ve finally started the cats on the litter kwitter again. What with one thing and another (waiting for the bathroom to be done, getting Fudgey, etc) we never did properly put the cats on it at the old house. Anyway, they’ve been using it for a few days with total success. No “accidents” so far!

Furry Friday: Cuddles

How better to bring myself back into regular blogging than with pictures of the furry boys? Apologies for the quality, these are taken in shit light (again):

cuddly cats

tunnel fudgey

And if you like Furry Fridays, you may be interested in my next project. I’ll not be starting it for a couple of months though, so you can wait until then for details.