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What a Year…

If someone had approached me at the beginning of this year and said “this, this and this is going to happen” I’d have probably laughed in their face because 2006 has been so… life-changing! In so many ways, I think this year really was the start of my life as a grown-up. Around January I… read more →

Ho ho ho, and all that!

I am sure if most of you took a guess at what I’d been doing for the past 5 days since I last blogged you’d probably say something like “spending Christmas with your family!” Of course, it’d be a huge lie; I’ve actually been playing Animal Crossing non-stop for about a week. After doing the… read more →

Bloody Knackered

Karl and I have spent all weekend cleaning and moving furniture. Perhaps I’m just being stereotypical/sexist but it’s obvious the flat hadn’t seen a woman’s touch in at least a year. We blasted the shower ‘cubicle’ thing with the steam cleaner and old hair shot out the bottom. Now that was just ‘eww’, and I’ve… read more →


Some of you might remember that I mentioned Karl and I have some news? Well: I’m pregnant! Oh wait, wrong news.. (ahh, that never gets old.) Karl and I have a flat! (That’s apartment to you Americans.) We went to look at a little place in the same building that I work in two weeks… read more →

Best Before End Jun ’96

You know it’s time to have a clean out when you find: ..hot chocolate sachets dated “BEST BEFORE END JUN 96” behind a box of teabags (probably equally as old) in the back of a cupboard.… read more →

Beware of the Tomato Ketchup!

Having had my root canal done on Monday to try and fix my dodgy tooth, I’ve been sticking to soft foods all week to give it chance to settle properly. Decidedly hungry I got the bag of frozen chips out the freezer, and happened upon some onion rings too. I stuck the chips in the… read more →

Toad In The Hole

Toad in the Hole is a British ‘dish’ typically made of yorkshire pudding batter and sausages and is best served with mashed potatoes and gravy. I was too lazy to do the potatoes last night though. Doesn’t it just look delicious? (Photography courtesy of wikipedia.) You can find a recipe at thefoody.com, but mine was… read more →

Fucking Farce!

Talk about a cock-up. Excuse my profanities.. I’m incredibly pissed off. While Karl and I don’t usually do anything for Valentines Day (meh, just another day to me) we decided to do the 20 minute drive to the local supermarket to pick up a bottle of wine and some quick grub (and some chocolate, for… read more →

Shitty shit shit

So, this week has not been the best so far this year. I got shipped from Computer Services to the Web Design office so I could do some designing (instead of the usual developing) which is all fine and funky, but I’m so used to designing for my own specifications I end up braindead and… read more →