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We recently purchased a 2nd hand IKEA Kura bed & bed tent for Izzy with the grand plan that we’d eventually turn it over and then convert it into a bunk bed a la this popular IKEA hack so that Oliver can sleep underneath.

In the mean time, while we get over our fear of having Izz up in the air and falling out of bed, she’s on the bottom and Oliver is in Isabel’s old junior bed (also from IKEA… there’s a theme developing here). Because of the new bed in the kid’s room we’ve had to take the spare double out, which is now back in our room and the crappy cheap super king has been dismantled ready for burning donating to a furniture charity or something.

Anyway, so now we’ve all swapped and changed beds, including Oliver’s change from a cot to a bed, I was expecting bedtime tyranny and much up-and-down while the kids settled into the “new”ness… and nothing. Not a squeak. Admittedly I’ve never experienced this “milestone” before as Izz never went in the cot, but I was under the impression that this step is one to be dreaded!

I guess jumping from one bed to another all night long while they make up their mind who they want to sleep next to (usually me) means they’re already accustomed to changing beds :p

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