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No Interview and my First Day at Work

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I opened my post this morning to find a letter from a local company telling me that they appreciate my application but they’re not going to invite me for interview. I.. don’t remember applying for the job? o.O I think it says it all that while I was looking for work I applied for that many I don’t know who’s got my details.

My first day at work was.. long. Good, but long. I got about three tours of the building and by the time I was done my feet were absolutely killing me. The building is something like 4 storeys high and 3 miles wide (minor exaggeration). I met more people and shook more hands in one day than I ever have in my entire life.

I’m shadowing the other techie until my CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check comes back.. the beauty of working with kids. I’m not too bothered, it means I’ve got someone to learn the ropes from and to help me avoid getting lost while I try to memorise where everything is. I mean, I managed to find my way to the female staff loo yesterday but I almost got stuck finding my way back. No laughing, please.

Oh, and my feet hurt. Did I say that already?

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