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I may be somewhat slack in blogging over the next two weeks due to my being on work experience (which I’m sure I already mentioned?) Basically my job for the next week (at least) is to create a web front end for the college technicians which allows them to see what PCs need which custom software which cannot be installed on all PCs due to restrictive site licensing. I’ll be using PHP and MySQL – if I can figure out how to do it. ;)

Inspired by the work I’ll be doing I have ‘redone’ my custom guestbook. It’s exactly the same, but instead of writing the content from the POST superglobal straight into the entries.php file, I’ve actually assigned the content in the superglobal to proper variables. This means I’ve been able to use stripslashes on the comments and now won’t have to weed out those extra slashes manually – whee!

Right. I have time to burn while I wait for the guy “running” my work experience stuff to get back from a meeting. I’ve already written up an agenda for a techies meeting which I have to hold that apparently he will have to help me with. (Or not.) I should probably find something constructive to do…

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