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So, apparently Britney Spears is pregnant. I am not going to predict how well she’ll be able to bring up her child, as only time will tell, however, I’m sure comments like this aren’t going to help:

person a: “Hey, my momma kissed Madonna, j00 know that?”
me: What’s that got to do with her capability to raise a child?
person b: It has to do with the way the child will grow up. What would you think of yourself and your family if your mother had done things like that? I doubt Spears will discontinue her inappropriate actions if she has a child either.

What the fuck has a kiss with another woman got to do with parenthood? I mean, I have my flaws, do I get to blame them on my mother because she’s a lesbian? What do I think of myself and my family because my mother has done things like that? Well, I think of myself as a pretty open-minded person, and my family.. well they’re a pain in the ass, but what’s that got to do with my mother’s sexual preference? My mother’s sexual preference has nothing to do with her capability to raise children, nor does it have any bearing on my mental stability. In turn, Britney Spears sharing a kiss with Madonna will not affect the child she is carrying unless the child is brought up in a close minded environment and taught that homosexuality is wrong.

Oh no! My mother has kissed another woman, someone dial 999…

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