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My Grandpa has been visiting my sites, look at this lovely comment he left in my guestbook:

Well now, there’s a thing! I have been a writer, journalist, editor, etc, for some 40+ years, following in the literary talents of my dear departed mother, whose letters to me at school used to be wonderful indeed to read, so full of interest and information. Now I discover that though my children displayed little of that talent (?) the gift has been handed on to my grand daughter Jemma. Well done Jemma, you have made me proud that some of my family’s genes are identifiable in you. I wish for you a future where you may leave behind you an indication that “Jem was here” and that your imagination and talent will intrigue and interest others, and serve as a beacon for them to guide them on their way. You have scolded me over the past 19 years as a “bad Gran’dad” when I have teased you. Perhaps now you might see that some of that teasing was true, when I said “You’re going to be a ‘bobby-dazzler’ when you grow up”. Hang on to your determination, good sense and originality Jemma, it’s a tough old world. Gran’dad.

If there was ever a “best comment” award to be dished out to guestbook signers, I think this would be a winner. :D

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