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College and a New Book

 |  Misc

I worked harder this morning than I’ve ever worked in my entire “college career”. I had to finish my database assignment which was due in today. Actually, truthfully, it was due in about three weeks ago, but let us not go there. Basically, I forgot most of what I was supposed to do. Heyho, done now.

Karl presented me with a surprise present yesterday: Nanny Ogg’s Cookbook! I am so looking forward to doing some of the recipes. Any of you who’ve read some of the Discworld series would recognise classics such as Dwarf Bread and Strawberry Wobbler. (I want to try out the Sticky Toffee Rats.) It’s also got pages on “etiquette” too – like how to behave at a funeral, smoking in public, etc. All amusing of course. It’s also filled with some fabulous illustrations. I’d recommend it to any Pratchett/Discworld fan. :)

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