The Pants Awards

The Pants Awards were satirical (and snarky) 'awards' I gave to bloggers and webmasters between 2006-2011, typically because they gave out bad code advice that was dangerous to fellow webmasters. The vast majority of the recipients were not happy about receiving a Pants Award but most have since admitted that they needed it.

In hindsight, a 'carrot' rather than 'stick' approach probably would have worked better.


The last time I mentioned Micro Mart on my blog was when I was ranting about their habit of “educating” their readers with a poor standard of coding. My letter, as predicted by the majority of us, was not published or replied to. It did help me get that ‘moment’ off my chest though, heh. […]


It’s that time again — I’m dishing out another pants award. This time it’s which, according to their meta description, will “Teach you step-by-step with easy simple php code”. Simple is the right word — completely basic, with no attempt at security what-so-ever, leaving anybody who uses some of the tutorials at great risk […]