Queen of the Potty

Isabel has shown a vague interest in the potty on and off for… oh, ages. We had a potty around the house from quite early on, both to normalise the whole peeing-in-a-pot thing and because when she was still actively stool withholding I needed something to squat her over. Anyway, as her interest increased I… read more →

Life. Oh, Life. Toddler taming & more.

(This post has been constructed over a period of several days, snatching minutes here and there. If it seems choppy / all over the place, it’s because it is.) Struggling to find the time to write at the minute.. life busy passing me by undocumented. It’s not like I don’t HAVE the time, it’s just… read more →

Let’s Talk About Poo

I know, I know; I can hear you scraping your chairs closer already. When you’re childless (or childfree, depending on your viewpoint) you’re fairly certain you know how to bring up a child, could do better than the frazzled looking mum in the supermarket with her screaming children, have the best ideas on nutrition and… read more →