Michael K Steals BellaBook, Breaks GPL License

I received a curious email on November 19th. A German CEO was asking me to state that I am, unequivocally, the developer of BellaBook and that BellaBook was free to use under the terms of the GNU General Public License. I almost took offence that such a thing should be questioned, as BellaBook was my… read more →

You’re Fucking Kidding Me?

I was going through my stats earlier (as I do, several times a day, hah) when I came across Legion Training and Education Consultancy. No, I’m not planning on joining a foreign legion… the site is using tutorialtastic‘s layout and code — direct-linked files and all — as the base for their layout. Still, I’ve… read more →


On Copyright Violation

It annoys me when I browse the Internet and see teen “web designers” in various forums complaining that they’ve had various “blends” or supposed “original artwork” stolen from them. Said artwork usually contains a sloppily edited celebrity photograph, a few dodgy Photoshop™ brushes or textures, with a few illegally downloaded (yet usually expensive) fonts chucked… read more →

Review of acidgloss.net

Reviewed: Krissy Site URL: acidgloss.net Faced with the choice of multiple skins, I am going to review ‘Purple Vector’. I have decided to review this one because it is simple (my current favourite style), and you say you adore it. (Note: it was later discovered that Krissy stole this vector, take this review with a… read more →