Project: £20k

you need a budget
I’m using YNAB to help me with my goal and it ROCKS!
On May 5th 2014, I ended my relationship of 12 years with my partner and began to separate finances and bills. In an attempt to retain some stability for our children, I suggested that I buy my ex out of our joint mortgage to the tune of £20,000. Except… I don’t have £20,000! It’s not something that is likely to fall out of the sky into my lap, either. So, in between juggling 2 jobs, 2 kids, a small zoo of animals and all that comes with running a busy household I now have to raise twenty thousand pounds.

Here’s my progress so far:

Date Amount Notes
2014-05-25 £862.63 Starting amount (blog entry)
2014-05-27 £9.41 £10 donation minus fees
2014-06-02 £537.78 Post-bills sweep of current account
2014-06-03 £47.85 £50 donation minus fees
2014-06-03 £9.41 £10 donation minus fees
2014-06-06 £0.78 Interest
2014-06-17 £96.40 £100 donation minus fees
2014-07-01 £200.00 Standing order auto-transfer
2014-06-07 £1.66 Interest
2014-07-10 £2.68 £3 donation minus fees
2014-08-06 £1.94 Interest
2014-09-05 £100.00 Post-bills sweep of current account
2014-09-06 £1.94 Interest
2014-09-07 -£951.14 Bloody great big tax bill :(
2014-10-06 £1.01 Interest
2014-10-14 £200.00 Post-bills sweep of current account
2014-11-06 £1.17 Interest
2014-11-14 £275.82 Post-bills sweep of current account
2014-12-04 £100.00 Transfer from current account
2014-12-06 £1.41 Interest
2014-12-20 -£995.00 Fees for new mortgage (to secure £20k!)
2015-01-06 £1.05 Interest
2014-01-14 -£200.00 Part payment on solicitor transfer of equity fees
Current total: £306.80  

If you’d like to support my goal to raise £20,000 you can donate directly via Paypal or support my work on gittip.

Project completed: although I wasn’t able to raise £20,000 myself, I was able to use the money raised towards solicitor & mortgage fees which allowed me to use some of the equity on my home to buy out the ex. Huzzah!