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Extended Rear-Facing Car Seats and Volvo

Update: Extended rear facing car seats are no longer available at cheaper prices through Volvo Motherhood is full of decisions. How to feed your baby, how to dress your baby (apparently if it wears sleepsuits during the day, you’re a neglectful mother; who knew?), how to wean your baby, how to transport your baby. The… read more →

Review of

I am in the unfortunate position of being due to give birth today, and yet have had not so much as a twinge. This means today will undoubtedly drag, and I have to find some way of occupying my time. Rather than do something constructive — such as responding to the increasing backlog of emails… read more →

Animal Crossing: Lets Go to the City Review

I can’t remember when I first got hooked on Animal Crossing… it must have been not long after the DS version came out (“Animal Crossing: Wild World“) because I’d never heard of it back when I spent weekends hard-wired in to the GameCube. I know that I’d read online that it was similar to Harvest… read more →

On Web Page Reviewing, etc

Jessica popped up in my referrals this week because she’s going to start reviewing, and several of her visitors nominated me. I quite look forward to the prospect; it’s hard to get a decent review these days. Anyway, it got me thinking about my reviewing and I couldn’t believe that my last (unrequested) review was… read more →

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Pants: Digital Sugar Designs

When you tell the world that you have “7 years of experience in the field“, it helps if you show that so-called experience off. And no, blurring a few dodgy photographs so that the subject looks like they’re being melted under a 500W halogen lamp does not count as experience in the field. Only in… read more →

Making Bold Claims: The Wrong Way

Some time in 2005 I passed comment on a website. A website that loaded so terribly in Firefox — well, any browser that wasn’t IE actually — that I was rendered speechless. I know! Me! Speechless! It’s as if pigs had learnt to fly and my cold frosty heart melted a little. OK, maybe not… read more →

Fuse Magazine: A Brief Look

Fuse: An Online Magazine, a new collaborative web project created and compiled by Sarai (, went live today. First up, I’ll admit that most online magazines annoy the crap out me. It seems that all a person has to do to gain a little link-popularity these days is create a few lists derived from other… read more →

Netrillium Sucks – Avoid Netrillium

Approximately 10 months ago, I wrote up my findings on Frozen Midnight. Some time this month, FMH disappeared into oblivion and I’ve seen quite a few of its remaining customers jump ship. In celebration of what I hope is a victory for the good hosts, I’ve compiled some thoughts on Netrillium (a bad host) and… read more →

Turdy Tutorials and

I first discovered through a thread over at Cynosure MB (yay, go referrals!) Apparently I’m really mean, and I know everything. Actually, I’m not sure that’s what they meant, but that’s how I like to read it :) Consider this a continuation of everything I said about (now closed, harhar). In the grand… read more →