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some bloggy stuff

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Found an interesting, mature blog today through Daz: nektros – Cynicism in a Hot Dish. The author, Yvonne, has a witty outlook on things happening around the blogosphere and expresses her thoughts well. I am pleased by this because it’s been ages since I found a good blog that I’ve not read before. It’s rare that I can find a blog that reads “naturally” instead of “forced” to try and sound better.

I didn’t realise so many people were going to read the start of Beginner’s Guide to PHP yesterday (I even got dugg!) It’s quite scary because I planned on leaving it a few weeks before writing the next one in the series but now I’m going to have to write release it sooner.. o.o

I’m bored tonight, suggest to me some links (but don’t try and put more than 3 in a comment because my spam protection thingymabob will tell you off)…

Edit (09:24pm): See, I’m that bored I even made a new crappy WordPress theme! It’s valid, fluid text, liquid layout, web2.0 colours, big text, bla bla bla:


..and something infinitely more exciting than a crappy WordPress theme: 1and1 have reduced their price of .com/.org/.net/etc domains ’til the end of November, so I had to splurge:

new domains: .net and .org

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13 comments so far

  1. Shari said:

    Interesting blog indeed. I wish I can be as witty as her. Hah! Dream on. ^_^ Oh dear, can’t really suggest good web sites…Because I’m in one of ’em. :)

  2. Manda said:

    All you need is and your domain name collection will be complete ;) I quite liked the Beginner’s Guide to PHP article – it was very helpful for people like me, whose PHP knowledge is pretty much comprised of PHP includes!

  3. Lynn said:

    Hmm, Jem, if someone tests the forget-me-not theme, how are they supposed to switch back? I came back to this entry and switched, but am I missing something?

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