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 |  Personal

Accountability: You Guys Suck

It’s a good job I’m fairly motivated because you guys suck at this ‘keeping me accountable’ lark. One nag on twitter last week and then nothing this week. Useless, bloody useless. ;) However, I did get up and off my arse on Monday: I finally…

 |  Fitness, Personal


Continuing my ‘year of me’, June is all about accountability. I am offering myself out there for you guys to hold me accountable. I am finally getting off my arse, stepping up to the plate and saying “this is who I am and I want…

 |  Misc

The Grand Plan

…by which I mean translating my apathy towards my weight/weightloss into something worthwhile and usable as a motivator. Having given it some thought — and thank you to those who shared your own weight dilemmas, experiences, etc; I know weight is a very personal issue…

 |  Misc

Losing Weight

During Isabel’s early months I was dropping weight like nobody’s business – breastfeeding, yay! – and was having to eat like crazy so as not to die of starvation (slight exaggeration). Obviously now Isabel is very nearly 20 months old she’s feeding maybe 2-3 times…

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