Furry Friday: Guest Furries

This week’s Furry Friday post is brought to you courtesy of my Mummy. These two fine specimens are her boys; both Siamese; Merlin is the silver seal tabby point, Billi the chocolate point. (I’m sure if I’ve got those wrong she’ll correct me in a comment… *hint hint*) Sure, they were expensive, but they’re not… read more →

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Furry Friday: Wet n Wild

I was at work today, so haven’t had chance to take any pictures of the boys, so figured I’d post this old favourite instead; back when Karl and I lived at the flat, Hex loved the bathroom sink. The odd thing is, he doesn’t really pay any attention to any of the sinks here at… read more →

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Furry Friday: Innocent

I wanted to give you all piggie pics today, but they’ve not sat still for long enough and the light has been terrible, resulting in absolutely zero usable pictures. Anyway, settle for catties… (well, one catty): Fudge has such an innocent face, until you catch him stealing your chicken out from under the grill (for… read more →

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Furry Friday: DIY

Hanna and Sofia were nagging me via the quilting bee IRC channel last night to post more pictures of the boys (cats & pigs). The suggestion of a pet blog was made, but given my current site list comprises of this blog, tutorialtastic, rev.iew.me, the q*bee, my various fanlistings, etc, I decided a regular Furry… read more →

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Family Fuss and Fur

On Friday (3rd) my sister was taken in to hospital with suspected appendicitis. After 2 days of poking and prodding at the local hospital, it was decided she didn’t have appendicitis. She was taken by ambulance to another hospital, where she had keyhole surgery on Sunday morning. I’ll spare you the gory details — for… read more →

Waiting for my spuds to roast before CSI Miami…

You know it’s funny, I was contemplating taking part in the NaBloPoMo again this year, and yet here I am barely able to update once a week, let alone once a frickin’ day! It’s not necessarily for any set reason; work has slowed down a little — at least enough for my keyboard to stop… read more →

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What a Size Difference!

Fudgeybuckets, 10th May 2008 (the day we got him) at approximately 5 weeks old: Fudge last week, 5th July 2008, now approximately 14 weeks old: I am pleased with how well he’s doing, despite his awful start to life. :)… read more →

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A Furry Purry Update

As I’m being pestered left, right and centre for updates on my furry buggers, I figured I should probably blog about them. Plus I know some of you only come here for the pictures :P Fudge settled in rather rapidly, which surprised me given the situation we rescued him from. I expected him to be… read more →

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