Appeal: Cat and Kitten Homes Needed

If you’re based in the States and in a position to offer a cat or two a home (either temporary fostering or permanent adoption) please read through this post. If you’re based in Coweta County, Georgia, there are 42 furry babies on the urgent list at Coweta County Animal Control. That means that if they… read more →

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The Cat Hotel

I’ve come to the conclusion that my house has been turned into a cat hotel. Hex is currently holding a conversation with Fudge through the back bedroom door, where Fudge is kept when he’s not being directly supervised. Fudge has food delivered like room service, and Hex has taken to eating upstairs on the landing.… read more →

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Fudge Update

Firstly, thank you all for the lovely comments on my Fudge intro post — advice, reassurances, etc — all appreciated. I’m not used to dealing with kittens this tiny! He seems to be settling in well; I took him for his first vet check-up this evening and apart from being underweight and suffering from worms… read more →

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Need Some New Kitty Name Ideas

My mum has been to see her new kitten today, with the intention of having a second furball to keep her cat Billy company. She totally copied my idea, however, I have said that I’d help out by asking for name ideas… As the majority of my readers are evil geniuses, I figured someone would… read more →

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A Witty Blog

I found a rather witty blog by way of the .net forum earlier this week. An excerpt; my favourite part so far: Hayley’s cat (interestingly named Cat) is used to a rather expensive brand of catfood, however, she’s recently been forced into eating a Lidle concoction and seems to be suffering no ill effects. The… read more →

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One of them Personal Updates

I signed up to the second module of my course earlier this week — that starts in May — so expect another one of those crazy mad rush sprees while I get everything finished up in anticipation of sitting on my arse avoiding the coursework. Procrastination ftw. Hex has been poorly, we had two vet… read more →

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Neuter Your Cats!

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ll be looking for a companion for Hex shortly. It’ll be a male kitten younger than him and I was hoping for a ginger baby, but other than that I’ve no specific wants. It doesn’t need to be ‘fresh born’ and I’ve been looking at rescue centres. However, this research is… read more →

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