Furry Friday: Catching Rays

Mimi mentioned on last week’s Furry Friday post that Hex doesn’t get enough posts, and focus seems to be on Fudge. This isn’t intentional, I do not have a favourite cat. There are two problems, however, with posting new Hex material… firstly, he refuses to let me take his photograph properly, which means 90% of… read more →

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On Cat Books and Tom Cox

Karl’s mum bought me a cat book for Christmas. The Cat Who Came in from the Cold by Deric Longden, to be precise. I must admit, I started it with a little trepidation. Just because I like cats does not automatically mean I like everything to do with cats. However, the book was great, and… read more →

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Furry Friday: Buckets

Hex and Fudge have multiple nicknames. Hex is also known as “Noodles” (Hexy Noodles) and Fudge as “Buckets” (Fudgey Buckets). The later, mostly to do with the fact that Fudge’s stomach is like a bucket… a bottomless pit. Case in point: Karl and I had just finished our evening meal, when Fudgey appears… Nom nom… read more →

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Furry Friday: Cuddles

How better to bring myself back into regular blogging than with pictures of the furry boys? Apologies for the quality, these are taken in shit light (again): And if you like Furry Fridays, you may be interested in my next project. I’ll not be starting it for a couple of months though, so you can… read more →

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Furry Friday: Big Soppy Fudge

Fudge is having a bit of a ‘soft’ day. He spent a large part of today rubbing himself up against me, the floor, the door and the walls. I pointed at him earlier today, and he came over and stood up to my finger, ‘grabbed’ it with his front paws and rubbed himself against it.… read more →

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Furry Friday: Furry Links

It’s Furry Friday today, as I’m sure you’re all aware. Unfortunately, due to the manic running around packing, and my inability to concentrate on more than one thing at a time this week (BellaBlocks has been my focus) I forgot to charge the camera batteries. That leaves us with the dilemma of not having anything… read more →

Cats Have Terrible Timing

Why is it that cats have such terrible — or perfect, depending on how you look at it — timing when it comes to litter tray business? For instance: It doesn’t matter how many times a cat has already been to the tray that day, the moment it is cleaned and stocked with fresh litter,… read more →

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I Got a Flickr

As much as I promised myself I never would — because I have web space, why not use it? — I got a flickr the other day to view some friends-only photos, and then actually uploaded some pictures today. I suck, I know. It was just too much hassle to finish off the gallery script… read more →

Furry Friday: Sleepy Kitties

The cats have had an adventurous week. Indeed, Hex nearly gave me a heart attack. Karl and I returned from work yesterday, opened the back door as usual, only to be tripped up by Fudge while Hex made a dive for it. It was a set up, I’m sure of it. Karl had to make… read more →

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