Subscribing to jemjabella

In the age of RSS feeds and syndicated information, it’s no surprise that a lot of my readers find it easier to subscribe to my feed than to actually visit the site. I have included the most common ways of subscribing to my site and how you can go about it.

Subscribe to the RSS Feed

If you prefer to subscribe to RSS feeds directly, please add to your feed reader.

Subscribe through Livejournal

If you have a Livejournal/Insanejournal account, you can subscribe to the Jemjabella feed and receive updates directly to your friends page. Perfect if you like to have all of your friend’s updates in one place. To use this service, visit the Jemology syndicated account profile page on Livejournal and add the account as a friend as you would normally (using the “Add this user to your friends list” option).

Subscribe via “Live Bookmarks”

Firefox and certain other browsers offer a Live Bookmark functionality that allows you to add a feed directly to your browser that will then update with links to new entries. To subscribe via Live Bookmarks, click the orange square feed icon in the address bar and choose “Subscribe to this feed using Live Bookmarks” at the top of the feed page.