Cat run & the all weather drying solution

Last year we built a cat run. The original plan was to have one built for us by a guy who specialises in bespoke wooden runs but after 2 visits he went quiet and despite numerous calls and emails we’ve never heard anything back. Anyway, we did some searching and found some metal run panels… read more →


I can’t decide if Crumble is one of the stupidest cats I’ve ever owned, or one of the smartest… acting like an idiot to gain sympathy for being so simple.… read more →

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Oh Bugger

Why is it that when I’m away from the computer I can formulate hundreds of blog entries in my head but the second I sit down to write anything, it all pours away? Buggery. I guess with the lack of anything inspirational or witty to say I should probably update you all on what’s going… read more →

A Furry Intruder

Oh, hello… :D Welcome our newest addition; you may recognise her. Fudge is currently hiding from her, and Hex is doing his best “I’m a big scary boss cat” routine complete with growls and hisses. Isabel is absolutely fascinated by her, and the kitten likewise. She’s not named yet, so feel free to make suggestions.… read more →

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Oh My Cuteness!

Isn’t this little girl kitty just gorgeous? Tell me I don’t want another kitty. Tell me I don’t need the expense (spaying, food, litter). Tell me I don’t need the hassle of integrating a third cat. Tell me how much more difficult 3 cats are. Tell me that no matter how many ginger kitties I… read more →

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What a Frickin Morning

I went to see a local property this morning in the hope that, should we find somewhere suitable, we can arrange with the landlord/lady to escape our existing tenancy due to the damp and access issues. Property was quite nice, more than suitable, gorgeous little ‘secret’ garden around the back. Unfortunately I was told at… read more →


Vote for Merlin

My mum has entered one of her cats into a competition being held by a UK supermarket to find the cutest cat. The winner will be awarded with a years supply of cat food. If you think this picture… …is as cute as we do, please vote for Merlin by clicking on the stars beneath… read more →

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