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Furry Friday: Catching Rays

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Mimi mentioned on last week’s Furry Friday post that Hex doesn’t get enough posts, and focus seems to be on Fudge. This isn’t intentional, I do not have a favourite cat. There are two problems, however, with posting new Hex material… firstly, he refuses to let me take his photograph properly, which means 90% of Hex pictures come out as a blur; secondly, he is such a dark cat and unless the light is absolutely intense, it’s almost impossible to capture his features rather than a big blob of black.

Anyway, excuses aside, this photo is from last week:

hex catching rays

And just to keep things interesting, a comparison shot from about 18 months ago, the week we got Hexynoodles:

hex as a kitten

As you can see, there’s a bit of a size difference…

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17 comments so far

  1. Julie said:

    My sister has a black cat, and mine is mostly white at the front, so, when we lived together, it was practically impossible to take a picture on which both looked good.

  2. Mumblies said:

    Ah yes, the classic ‘Study the individual fibers in the carpet’ pose. I am so familiar with this pose.
    He is beautiful Jem, and so cuddly too :) Cats like Hexynoodles need lots of smooches.

  3. Chans said:

    black cats are hard to photograph, I have the same problem with Sam.
    There sure is a size difference, does he still like to sit on your laptop?

  4. Caity said:

    Oh my gosh what a pretty picture of Hex in that first one. I bet black cats are hard to photograph. You very rarely see very sharp pictures of black cats.

  5. Val Garner said:

    What a gorgeous cat! Worth the extra effort to take his photo. His fur looks so super shiny in that first photo. When I think about both cats in my lifetime that lives 20 years or so, were both black. I must have a preference there.

  6. Vanesa said:

    Aww… how is Hex on the laptop keys without accidentally opening up the start menu? I always accidentally open the start menu when I type random gibberish, yet Hex can sit on there without anything happening.

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