You’re Fucking Kidding Me?

I was going through my stats earlier (as I do, several times a day, hah) when I came across Legion Training and Education Consultancy. No, I’m not planning on joining a foreign legion… the site is using tutorialtastic‘s layout and code — direct-linked files and all — as the base for their layout. Still, I’ve… read more →


These are the parents of the next generation

I am seriously without words at the moment at the way some people choose to parent. I thought forcing early weaning was bad enough, but then I found this thread… I wont let her grnadparent put pillows behind her when she is sat on the floor saying “the more she falls the sooner she’ll learn”… read more →

Your Stupidity Knows No Bounds

So, clearly being one of these crazy rambling mummy types now it’s only logical that I browse a few of those crazy rambling mummy type forums. The first baby-oriented site I joined was babycentre. It’s shite; loaded down with adverts and full of total muppets who shouldn’t be allowed to breed. However, that aside, there… read more →

Adventures in Hospital Land

AKA what a bloody ridiculous week and a half. First off, my Internet dies and nobody seems to know who’s at fault. BT says it’s not them (phone line/exchange) and Plus.Net say it’s not them and everything is fine at their end. We change cables, test alternate router, etc. End up having to make several… read more →


Never buy a car from Dream Car Sales, Telford

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Dream Car Sales are now Redland Car Sales At the end of October last year, I wrote an entry in which I mentioned a local car dealer: Dream Car Sales, Telford. We bought a car from Dream Car Sales to tide us over while ours was undergoing repair because I was heavily pregnant… read more →


What a Frickin Morning

I went to see a local property this morning in the hope that, should we find somewhere suitable, we can arrange with the landlord/lady to escape our existing tenancy due to the damp and access issues. Property was quite nice, more than suitable, gorgeous little ‘secret’ garden around the back. Unfortunately I was told at… read more →


The Disease of the Day is…

I have been off work most of this week with a random mysterious disease. Of course, when I say “random mysterious disease” I actually mean tummy bug, but I quickly discovered that by typing in the symptoms “vomiting” and “diarrhoea” plus “pregnant” into Google, it gives me an estimated remaining lifespan of about 3 days.… read more →

Total Bollocks

I started to write an entry about an hour ago. I then got sidetracked trying to advise people in the quilting bee IRC, came back to finish it off and upon pressing submit, was presented with a login screen. My fucking session expired. Why the shitting hell I picked session based logins for my admin… read more →


Dying Girl is Not Dying

I don’t know of how many of you will recall this, but when I gave out my last Pants Award, the recipient turned around and told me that I shouldn’t have criticised her site because she has terminal cancer. I’m not sure in what way the two are related — cancer doesn’t cause you to… read more →