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Wii Envy


My brother called me up at about 9:30pm Thursday evening to tell me he was in Tesco (local supermarket) and that he was queuing for a Wii. He was about 8th in line, they had 20 consoles to sell and he was offering to save… read full entry →

Want More Hits?


Blog about Britney Spears. (

Common Cold Affects Testicles


Note: this entry was originally posted in 2006 because I’d noticed someone had vandalised the “common cold” wikipedia entry. Since then, this page has received thousands upon thousands of hits from people searching for an answer to why their testicles hurt when they’ve got a… read full entry →

It’s funny..


..if I insult a person’s ability to code, mock their design or make a general nuisance of myself by pointing out every possible flaw in a person’s website — that’s OK. You all join in, laughing and often posting much more offensive commentary than I… read full entry →

What the F..ork?


I pre-ordered the new Harvest Moon for Nindento DS (at the same time as the new Harvest Moon for the GameCube) months and months ago. I got an e-mail last week telling me that the DS part of the order was delayed. I have just… read full entry →

Hacker Refuses To Give Blood


I was reading on slashdot and wired news about a convicted hacker who refuses to give blood.. and I’m wondering why this is even an issue? If this guy was a convicted murderer or rapist that they were going to set free, I could see… read full entry →

Crocheting Madness!


I’ve been crocheting basic blanket squares for as long as I can remember. My mum would start me off and I’d crochet and crochet. I stopped for a while when I discovered the Internet, and only recently picked up again; in an attempt to finish… read full entry →

Doctors Are Useless Too


So, I’ve come to the conclusion that Doctors are as useless as employment websites. I had two appointments at the surgery yesterday evening, one at 5:10 and another a 5:20 — the first to review how I’m getting on with the Depo Provera jabs (which… read full entry →

oh, the week keeps getting worse…

In Misc, WTF

Either our group assignment was destined to fail from the start, or stupidity is contagious (sp?). I have been working my fucking ARSE off all bastard morning to get this God forsaken Multimedia assignment as finished as we can make it ready to hand in… read full entry →