It’s the little things

I posted at length late last year about all of the things that had gone wrong with our new house. This week marks a year since we moved and as I feel like we’re finally starting to settle in — I know, after 12 months! — it seemed poignant to give an update. Many of… read more →

Plans, Plants and Brexit Prep

After my last post on food storage for potential Brexit shortages, I’m sure I’ve convinced you all that I’ve gone full-on ‘tinfoil hat’ wearing, zombie apocalypse predicting, hippy nutjob. Let me reassure you that, while I’ve always been a bit of a hippy nutjob, I still don’t think there’s going to be a zombie apocalypse.… read more →

Small Furry Disaster

Anyone got any recipes for rabbit stew? Someone’s been a very bad rabbit. After moving the rabbit and guinea pig hutches up to the gap at the back of the top lawn (I know this means nothing to you unless you’ve seen my garden) last month, we’ve been able to give Flymo access to the… read more →

November Meal Planning

A lot more meat than usual in this month’s. I got an offer on a meat box a while back and it’s all sat in the freezer waiting to be used. Figured I should get it cleared out in time for Christmas (uh oh, the C word) Thu 1st: Creamy chicken and leek pasta Fri… read more →

Stuff I Grew

I couldn’t think of a more imaginative title, sorry. Runner beans, which have gone a bit mental: Om nom nom… Strawberries (I’ve got 3 plants in this pot and 3 out the front, these are cropping better): The mangetout peas are out of control! One of 6 tomato plants: Round courgettes: And the world’s tiniest… read more →

What up, my homies! (Or Something…)

Hi-dee-ho! :) No thanks to the 150 or so spam messages in my inbox, here I am, online at last. Apparently I pissed someone off enough for them to want to sign my e-mail address up to 100+ newsletters. I’m guessing they didn’t count on the fact that in 3 clicks, I could run a… read more →