Oh tits.

Just when I thought this week couldn’t get any worse: Large crack in my windscreen, right across my line of vision. Replacement windscreen: £105 + VAT I still have that kidney for sale, if there’s any takers…… read more →


Project £20k: Holy F***!

I recently mentioned on twitter that I had successfully secured my domain with a .uk TLD, taking my total up to some 43 domains. Domains are cheap — little more than a bottle of wine — why worry about owning a healthy collection, right? Except that therein lies a problem that I’ve clearly been ignoring… read more →

I’m having a bad day

I’ve had crappy day at work dealing with a backlog of emails, admin and cock-ups. I’ve got a horrible snotty cold, which means my nose is sore from constant wiping. I went to soothe my pains with the last of a tub of Ben & Jerry’s I’d stashed in the freezer a couple of weeks… read more →



I registered for parkrun a couple of days ago. :O Katy and Rachael have been talking about it for ages and I’ve been secretly admiring their ever-improving run times whilst definitely not admiring my ever-increasing waistline, knowing that it’s been a long, looong time since I last ran. (If you don’t count the one whole… read more →

One thing after another

I’m taking a moment to moan. “What’s new?” I hear you cry! I know, I know, so much for the ‘Acknowledge one positive from every day’ goal in 13 things for 2013 (and I still haven’t told you what I decided to do for #13!) Must fix the tiny text on that post. And the… read more →

Why I think @ymummyreally is full of crap & a cute nappy I bought

I found myself on a blog entry today that sent my blood pressure sky high (I’m getting old, I can’t help it). It’s @MumsnetBloggers fault. Anyway, the entry in question (“Congratulations Fearne Cotton! Now how soon before someone mentions the ‘M’ word?“) written by ‘yummy mummy’ Louise, questions the modern practice of having babies out… read more →

WTF, Tesco?!

I decided not to do leftovers today; I bought a higher standards, not-raised-in-a-shed chicken from Tesco so that I could have chicken-themed meals tomorrow & Tuesday. Except I’ve just taken it out of the packing and discovered a piece of blue plastic inside it, a load of feathers and … pieces(?!) attached that should have… read more →