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COWBOYS: NSN Car Sales AKA Redland Car Sales AKA Dream Car Sales


Just received an email which has made my night somewhat :) In 2009 and again in 2010 I blogged about Dream Car Sales in Telford selling us a complete wreck of a car that was actually in such a state, if had managed to go… read full entry →

One thing after another

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I’m taking a moment to moan. “What’s new?” I hear you cry! I know, I know, so much for the ‘Acknowledge one positive from every day’ goal in 13 things for 2013 (and I still haven’t told you what I decided to do for #13!)… read full entry →

Why I think @ymummyreally is full of crap & a cute nappy I bought

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I found myself on a blog entry today that sent my blood pressure sky high (I’m getting old, I can’t help it). It’s @MumsnetBloggers fault. Anyway, the entry in question (“Congratulations Fearne Cotton! Now how soon before someone mentions the ‘M’ word?“) written by ‘yummy… read full entry →

WTF, Tesco?!


I decided not to do leftovers today; I bought a higher standards, not-raised-in-a-shed chicken from Tesco so that I could have chicken-themed meals tomorrow & Tuesday. Except I’ve just taken it out of the packing and discovered a piece of blue plastic inside it, a… read full entry →

Geo-targeted SEO fail


Had to break my hiatus to share this gem, as discovered by my colleague Jamie:

No wonder we have a debt crisis


I applied for a credit card today, and on the form was asked my job: It’s no wonder there’s a global problem with debt if school-aged children can apply for credit.

Weird Dream of School ‘Chums’

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And by chums I totally mean the assholes that tormented me for 5 years. I wasn’t a “popular kid” at school (I know you’re not surprised by this). I was different before it was cool to be different. Short boyish haircut, knackered old Doc Martins,… read full entry →

I hate the media (breastfeeding in the press)


In January of this year, Mary Fewtrell & co published an opinion piece in the BMJ (British Medical Journal) questing the evidence behind the WHO’s recommendation of exclusive breastfeeding until 6 months. This caused newspapers and online news sites to come out with headlines like:… read full entry →


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I got called a mommy blogger yesterday. Ouch. It was a harmless remark, included in an otherwise genuine question, not intended to offend. And yet nearly 24 hours later I’m still thinking about it. I guess what bothers me the most, aside from my distaste… read full entry →

Breastfeeding and Feminism

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After having Isabel I became fascinated with breastfeeding. The whole thing is a pretty amazing process, and some of the components of breast milk are beyond compare. However, I soon discovered articles from “feminists” arguing that birth, breastfeeding and the associated period of fairly intense… read full entry →

Do Not Buy Furniture From Homebase

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On the 22nd May I bought a sofa from Homebase on the Wellington Retail Park in Telford. We were told in store to expect a phone call within 5 days regarding delivery. We didn’t get a phone call. On the 3rd June (the day we… read full entry →

Weirdass Search Term

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Someone just (about an hour ago) found my site by googling: how to deal with random people on the streets and everywhere that bully; for example like sticking their tongues out at you and fidgeting WTF?