30 things before I’m thirty

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I started writing this “30 things before I’m thirty” list in a draft in January, but what with one thing and another never got round to finishing it. Here’s my original list…

  1. Learn to swim
  2. Actually complete a parkrun (that should probably be “actually take part in a parkrun”)
  3. Volunteer … somewhere, anywhere, just volunteer!
  4. Make a new friend (offline)
  5. Visit my Dad
  6. Finish one of my projects so that I have a regular source of passive income
  7. Earn £5000 in passive income
  8. Try a new food (I’ve never had proper sushi, never had venison, never had lots of things!)
  9. Send a letter in a bottle
  10. Post a blog entry every day for a month
  11. Work with another developer to improve my colab skills
  12. Actually read the JavaScript book I bought
  13. Complete 5 random acts of kindness
  14. Go on a proper date (Karl and I have never dated)

And here’s the other 16 random things I’ve thought of off the top of my head:

  1. Go somewhere, anywhere on a spur of the moment weekend away
  2. Go to the cinema on my own
  3. Visit each of my UK based online friends
  4. Finish my rainbow ripple blanket
  5. Fly somewhere in a plane
  6. Ride in a hot air balloon
  7. Drive across the country and back without a map / sat nav
  8. Get dressed up in a ball gown (I’ll settle for just trying one on in a shop)
  9. Go to a festival
  10. Climb a mountain
  11. Participate in a race (I’m thinking of doing a 10k)
  12. Read the 100 Best Novels
  13. Give blood
  14. Wear a bikini on the beach
  15. Get a pay rise
  16. Replace coffee with water for a month

I turn 30 on January 7th, 2016 so I think I’ve got PLENTY of time to achieve all these. In fact, as it happens, in the time between starting this list and actually getting it published, I’ve done a couple of things already and I’m working on a couple of others. More on that in another post, though ;)

(ETA: The full list and most recent updates can be found on my 30 things before I’m thirty page.)

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  1. Aisling said:

    Cool, you’re coming to visit? ;)

    I will climb a mountain with you, if you want. I like mountains. You could come to a music festival with me in London on July 3rd but it’s kind of an awkward day since it’s in the middle of the week. :S But I have a spare ticket!

    By “fly somewhere in a plane” are you the pilot in this situation, orrrr? :)

    Anyway, I like your list!

  2. Amelie said:

    Ooh, lots of inspiration here :) I have had #23 (well, attending a music fest anyway) on my own vague list since I was about 14 – I grew up in the same town as a pretty major music festival so I’ve always wanted to go. Never had the money/chance though…

    And I’ll expect your visit soon then, yes? ;D

  3. Kya said:

    You should give blood, while climbing a mountain and wearing a bikini so that you can have it on when you finish at the beach (at the bottom of the mountain).

    Seriously, I like the items. It makes me think I should try and make something like this as well. I turn 30 in 2017, so if I get cracking now, I might do some things.

    • Jem said:

      Haha, I have this mad image of me running down the side of a mountain in a bikini with a needle stuck in the side of my arm… weird ;)

  4. Macca said:

    #15 and #21 – drive to Salisbury to celebrate solstice at Stonehenge with me, Aisy and Chien, 20th-21st June. Consider it an invite. :P (I’m not really expecting you to accept – just enabling, in case you might actually have been up for it.)

    • Jem said:

      I actually totally would if I’d not promised my pregnant sister in law that I’d help her decorate her front room on the 21st. If I can rearrange the dates, I’ll come. :D Where / what times etc would I need to get to you?

      • Macca said:

        If you can make it, generally speaking people come for the sunrise, so you can turn up as late as you like. If late, meet us at the stones – there’s free entry and free on-field parking but it’ll be busy. If you can get off early, I’m home at 6.30pm and there is on street permit parking (free). I’ll mail you my address if needed. I think we’ll be heading to the stones by bus (not free unfortunately) around 8pm. Bring booze and snacks and warm clothes. :)

  5. Julia said:

    These sound like wonderful goals :) Best of luck with completing them! Hmm, I feel like I should do something like that before I’m thirty!

    Number 30 sounds like a tough one! Does juice count? :P

  6. Catherine said:

    That’s an awesome list :) The lake district or snowdonia is good for mountains, or you could combine your weekend away with mountain climbing and go up to Scotland :) I’d reccomend the walking englishman as a guide anyway. 8 also sounds like lots of fun – I’m in the same boat with you as that one and its pretty difficult to even know where to start with “trying new foods” but its a lot of fun anyway. If you fly abroad you will have a lot of chance to try new foods too. Good luck :)

  7. Kelly said:

    You have a picture up!

    I appreciate this has nothing to do with the post – I was bored at work and reading the about pages. Very shocked – I always assumed you were a giant lizard person in disguise (prehaps still are?) :)

    Well done, very brave (in a non-sarcastic fashion).