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What I’m Doing Now

I recently found out about ‘Now’ pages via Mastodon (@jemjabella@mastodon.social and @jemjabella@wptoots.social in case you’re wondering) and found the concept intriguing – especially someone who not long ago 3 months ago lamented my failure to update regularly. The gist of the idea is that you have a page which gives visitors an update into your […]

When Life Gets In The Way

I’m less than 4 weeks out from Edinburgh and I’m currently sitting here having a bit of a mini breakdown. I knew that training for a marathon — and doing so while working, keeping on top of my strength goals, raising kids, volunteering etc — would be hard. I knew it would take up lots […]

5 Real-World Benefits to Getting Strong

Although I frickin’ love working out for the physical changes its given me over the past few years (and in particular over the course of 2018 and into 2019, where I’ve been more consistent with my workouts) it is hands-down one of the most beneficial hobbies for day to day life too. Here are five […]

Oh, hello February

Alright me duckies, how are we all? You may notice that things look a bit different. I’ve gone a bit old skool, drawing inspiration from some seriously old layouts of mine. Kudos if you have been around long enough to remember the originals. I’ve not finished faffing with it but it’ll do for now. Or […]

30 things before I’m thirty: so far

As I said yesterday, because of the big time difference between me starting my “30 things before I’m thirty” list and actually publishing it, I’ve already completed two of the things on my list… albeit with some confusion and/or not quite in the way I’d originally anticipated! First to be completed: Go on a proper […]

30 things before I’m thirty

I started writing this “30 things before I’m thirty” list in a draft in January, but what with one thing and another never got round to finishing it. Here’s my original list… Learn to swim Actually complete a parkrun (that should probably be “actually take part in a parkrun”) Volunteer … somewhere, anywhere, just volunteer! […]

Manifesto for Life

I will not settle for just-about-surviving in bad relationships for the sake of others. I will not model ‘making do’ to my children. I will climb a mountain and more if it means achieving my goals. I will not let other’s opinions stop me from being happy. I will allow myself to be vulnerable around […]

Sunday, Day of Rest

It doesn’t matter what religion you follow, what your culture is or even your geographical location, I think most of the world treats Sunday as the ‘day of rest’. Most businesses are closed, shops have reduced opening hours and so on. In England, Sunday is also very widely seen as the day when all the […]

Busy with Family

My Dad has been over since Saturday so I’ve been spending time with him. Not enough time/energy to blog, but will update ‘properly’ or at least with something interesting later on this week. Probably Thursday, after I’ve got back from work and the piles of client correspondence and e-mail that has been collecting in my […]

Inspiration from Frustration

I’ve had a totally shit day where nothing seemed to go right, nobody seemed to be able to help and I’ve got to get a list of things to get done by the end of tomorrow that I’ll probably not have time to do… and yet there’s nothing like coming home, saying hello to the […]