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 |  Personal

30 things before I’m thirty

I started writing this “30 things before I’m thirty” list in a draft in January, but what with one thing and another never got round to finishing it. Here’s my original list… Learn to swim Actually complete a parkrun (that should probably be “actually take…

 |  Personal

Manifesto for Life

I will not settle for just-about-surviving in bad relationships for the sake of others. I will not model ‘making do’ to my children. I will climb a mountain and more if it means achieving my goals. I will not let other’s opinions stop me from…

 |  Misc

Sunday, Day of Rest

It doesn’t matter what religion you follow, what your culture is or even your geographical location, I think most of the world treats Sunday as the ‘day of rest’. Most businesses are closed, shops have reduced opening hours and so on. In England, Sunday is…

 |  Parenting

Busy with Family

My Dad has been over since Saturday so I’ve been spending time with him. Not enough time/energy to blog, but will update ‘properly’ or at least with something interesting later on this week. Probably Thursday, after I’ve got back from work and the piles of…

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