Project £20k: Holy F***!

I recently mentioned on twitter that I had successfully secured my domain with a .uk TLD, taking my total up to some 43 domains. Domains are cheap — little more than a bottle of wine — why worry about owning a healthy collection, right?

Except that therein lies a problem that I’ve clearly been ignoring for years: domains are only cheap one at a time. Much like when you go into the shop for a bottle of milk and spend a tenner on junk that you don’t need, buying domains forces your hand into renewing domains, the cost of hosting and in some cases the add-on of WHOIS protection for another couple of bucks.

As it turns out, I’ve been spending over £300 per year on domains. And then another £675+ on 3 different hosting accounts to keep each site live. Over £1000 of outgoing web-related costs for some 5 years or more. That’s a quarter of my Project £20k goal without even thinking about it. At over £83 per month it’s roughly a fifth of my monthly mortgage repayment, or a month’s shopping, or 2 days at nursery for one of the kids, or a month’s petrol, or anything way more bloody important than a bunch of websites that sit there taking up my time for sod all reward.

Holy fuck.

If I’m going to raise £20,000 I need to be saving more money than I spend and I’m not going to do that wasting money on half-arsed websites! After a little persuasion from Gaz, I cancelled 6 domains and listed 6 more for sale (to try and cover costs) on the namecheap marketplace – they’ll be cancelled if they don’t sell. I will probably cancel a handful more before the year is out. I’m merging two of my hosting accounts to bring the cost down by ~£200.

I am aiming to halve my yearly outgoing web costs and meet goal 9 of my 14 things for 2014 too. Wish me luck…

30 things before I’m thirty: so far

As I said yesterday, because of the big time difference between me starting my “30 things before I’m thirty” list and actually publishing it, I’ve already completed two of the things on my list… albeit with some confusion and/or not quite in the way I’d originally anticipated!

First to be completed: Go on a proper date

Last month I went on a not-a-date date. With a guy. Not with Karl (as I’d originally anticipated) :O It was apparently too early for me to be dating post-split, so we made it a not-a-date that was actually a lot like an actual date. And has since been followed with other dates that definitely were dates. (Currently now wondering if I can cram the word ‘date’ in one more time for good measure…) ‘He‘ is a local web developer, and has a cat. Clearly perfectly matched based on that alone :p

I was going to use meeting Gaz as an excuse to strike a 2nd item off the list: Make a new friend (offline) except there’s a slight problem… I couldn’t remember the original intent of this list item. Was I saying I needed to make a new friend who I could be friends with offline, or was I saying I needed to make a new friend offline without a screen to help hide the first interaction nerves, etc? As I met Gaz online initially, he strictly speaking wouldn’t qualify under the terms of the latter. Gaz has since pointed out that through him I’ve met his friend/colleague, although I’m not sure spending half a day with someone counts as friends.

However, having involved myself in the local running group I have made a few new friends through that based on entirely offline interaction so I’m checking that off as a success.

I am starting on another one of my ‘things’ this afternoon — Visit each of my UK based online friends — with a trip down south to visit Ben. Which brings me nicely to a request… if you’re based in the UK, and have ‘known’ me (by which I mean interacted on a semi regular basis) for more than a year, and would like to pop your name down on the list of friends I need to visit to meet this milestone, let me know in the comments / on twitter / whatever. I’ll only be taking requests til the end of the month so get a move on :)

30 things before I’m thirty

I started writing this “30 things before I’m thirty” list in a draft in January, but what with one thing and another never got round to finishing it. Here’s my original list…

  1. Learn to swim
  2. Actually complete a parkrun (that should probably be “actually take part in a parkrun”)
  3. Volunteer … somewhere, anywhere, just volunteer!
  4. Make a new friend (offline)
  5. Visit my Dad
  6. Finish one of my projects so that I have a regular source of passive income
  7. Earn £5000 in passive income
  8. Try a new food (I’ve never had proper sushi, never had venison, never had lots of things!)
  9. Send a letter in a bottle
  10. Post a blog entry every day for a month
  11. Work with another developer to improve my colab skills
  12. Actually read the JavaScript book I bought
  13. Complete 5 random acts of kindness
  14. Go on a proper date (Karl and I have never dated)

And here’s the other 16 random things I’ve thought of off the top of my head:

  1. Go somewhere, anywhere on a spur of the moment weekend away
  2. Go to the cinema on my own
  3. Visit each of my UK based online friends
  4. Finish my rainbow ripple blanket
  5. Fly somewhere in a plane
  6. Ride in a hot air balloon
  7. Drive across the country and back without a map / sat nav
  8. Get dressed up in a ball gown (I’ll settle for just trying one on in a shop)
  9. Go to a festival
  10. Climb a mountain
  11. Participate in a race (I’m thinking of doing a 10k)
  12. Read the 100 Best Novels
  13. Give blood
  14. Wear a bikini on the beach
  15. Get a pay rise
  16. Replace coffee with water for a month

I turn 30 on January 7th, 2016 so I think I’ve got PLENTY of time to achieve all these. In fact, as it happens, in the time between starting this list and actually getting it published, I’ve done a couple of things already and I’m working on a couple of others. More on that in another post, though ;)

(ETA: The full list and most recent updates can be found on my 30 things before I’m thirty page.)