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It wasn’t the particularly crappy layout, the mismatched colour scheme or the tiny text that convinced me to give “c a n d i – c o d e d [ dot ] c o m” a Pants Award. It wasn’t even the teeny-bopper cliché spaces in the title. No, it was the ‘four reasons why [I] should choose Candi Coded’ that pissed me off, which is amusing when you consider that their aim is to lure me into spending money.

If a website boasts “organized” or “professional” coding, you know I’m going to eventually have a look. So when a website states both (in the same sentence no less), followed by the words “Amazing quality coding” you can guarantee that I will pick it apart, line by line. Because I’m that much of an arsehole.

Turns out that the so-called organised and professional coding includes no Doctype, an advertisement of “no tags” in the meta description (I’d pay to see a website with no tags), embedded and proprietary CSS, no closing tags for a large proportion of the page and multiple missing alt attributes which totals in 62 HTML validation errors (according to my Firefox toolbar). To top it off, I can’t validate it in the “real validator” without forcing an ISO- character encoding.

The contact page link in the footer is a 404, the poll doesn’t work (a side effect of having JavaScript disabled, no doubt) and I can’t believe that this person thinks they’re qualified to write articles advising beginners. Hey, at least they’re good for a chuckle:

Not everything in life is a guarantee, so you are probably a little hesitant about investing your money. Do it the right way and have Candi Coded guide you in the right direction.

Yes! Get a teenager — with no more than basic HTML skills at best — to guide you onto the path of website disaster. Why go to a real company when you could ask a kid who throws around the terms “ssl certificates” and “shopping carts” like they know what they’re talking about but demonstrate no such thing. You’ll be safe with Candi Coded, she’s been doing it since she was 11 you know.

Nicky: because you haven’t got a clue what professional design and coding is about and yet dare charge people anyway, here’s a Pants Award for you:

pants award 9

Feel free to direct link :)

A final note… in my last Pants post, I was accused of bullying the recipient’s website. Now personally, I’m not sure how one bullies a website, or how a single post can be classed as bullying but it did make me stop and think. Despite what many will tell you, and despite the image I like to maintain, I am a nice person (aww) and have often defended the little guy just because nobody else will. So anyway, I thought about it and I came to the conclusion that the Pants Awards are really no different to my reviews, which in turn are no different to any other kind of criticism. Life is full of criticisms, and until it becomes illegal or immoral to criticise, I will continue to do so.

With that said, I am not going to force anyone to read my posts. You have the choice to ignore (boycott?) whatever you like, as many of my visitors do. I target a varied audience and expect people to pick what’s best for them (my Mum doesn’t like my coding posts). Even I can’t think of a single blog in which I’ll read every single entry! So make your decision and stick to it, but don’t come whining to me (because I’m not going to listen).

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  1. Amber said:

    I must admit I was once fairly intimidated by you but, you know, after seeing you around forums for a fair while now I don’t think you’re likely to eat me any time soon. As for the pants award: if the site was simply personal it wouldn’t be all that bad but charging somebody… well, it seems almost unethical.

  2. MarMARmar said:

    Those are hot. Her header little logo thing looks like a sample of a microsoft office color scheme. And I think most of those are pretty ugly, so… lolwow.

  3. Katy said:

    hah, I love the poll “Do you prefer DIV layers, iFrames, or tables?” oh and I don’t even get to see the results after I vote? rubbish!

  4. Naco said:

    That was awesome, you rock ~ I really hope no one has bought anything from her site, I’d feel bad for them :/ Okay, correction I don’t they should do their research before hand!

  5. Aaron said:

    I’m pretty sure I would just give her a pants award for spelling it “candi”. That’s right. And, it would most likely be longer than this post.

  6. Rachael said:

    Some sites are just out there to make money. I think hers is one of them. Definitely pants. Her coding made me cringe. I get really picky about coding…

  7. Louise said:

    Well I’ve seen them going around other sites trying to sell themselves etc. I suggest they do free coding for teeny boppers before selling it.

  8. Annie said:

    You a bully? Never, you are just reviewing. What do site owners really expect? You’re much too kind, allowing her to direct link the image of pants :p I’m sure in time she will improve but right now her site “there”.

  9. Stephanie said:

    And all of the affiliates seem to be like that. You have the right to “bully someone’s site”. It’s not against the law to criticize. It’s just that people haven’t heard enough criticism about themselves to take it properly. The people you criticize need to look at what they’re being criticized for, and form their own conclusions. If they still think that you’re being a bully, then so be it.

  10. Belinda said:

    I find it bizarre how many people who have their site criticised without them wanting it, invoke the argument “if you don’t like it, don’t read it then! Leave me alone!” but doesn’t that kinda of apply to your reviews too (as in, if they don’t like your reviews, they don’t have to read it). I don’t think it’s bullying, because their site is on public display and you’re not restraining them from their freedom to continue doing whatever they feel like in the public domain. As long as you don’t make uncalled for personal attacks, I don’t see how it’s anything like bullying.

  11. Hillarie said:

    I started HTML when I was 11 and I didn’t have a clue of validation until last year. I must’ve been living under a rock, but I sort of just ignore the first three years of my “HTML”. Ha, I remember somebody telling me that: XHTML was hard, PHP was all about the includes, and iFrames were the new trend…in 2006. Good thing I didn’t listen!

  12. Alyssa said:

    Oh…that is so depressing. $75? PLUS a monthly charge? She’s out of her mind! I wouldn’t charge that much for maintaining someone’s site, but then again, I wouldn’t offer.

  13. Jessica said:

    First of all, I’ll start with, nice undies. Secondly, that site is such a big rip off. He’s selling domains for $25.00!? God, I can buy them for $8.88 in NameCheap that com and still have better support. Way to go Jem. :)

  14. Jordan said:

    I wonder how many clients s/he’s dealt with and if it has brought in any profit since s/he’s had it up. Either way, I think the best thing about you giving them a pants award, is that they are exposed to and made aware of their flaws and have a chance to work on it and better their knowledge on it. At least that’s how I see it.

  15. Vera said:

    I have Java_Script enabled and the poll doesn’t work for me either. Or it doesn’t display the results at any rate. Great designs with 62 validation errors, now that’s news even for me. At least the previous ones had valid coding (if not necessarily correct coding).

  16. Hev said:

    This is your website, Jem. You can put whatever you want on here. You pay the bills for this. No one else. Until someone else starts paying for it, I don’t feel they have any right to say a dang thing about what you put up here. Yeah, some of what you say is hard a**ed, but so what. Maybe it needs to be said. You are way better in coding then me. Personally, I am surprised I haven’t been given a pants award (please don’t give me one, I am trying) ;). I have learned lots of coding from your site, so they just need to shut up. You are doing great.

  17. Rachel said:

    It’s sad that you have to continue to explain yourself in posts, Jem. I wish I could say, “Just ignore the bitchers” but it gets so old so fast that it’s difficult to ignore. I think you summed up nicely at the end that people can get lost if they don’t like it. And there’s not a thing in your review I disagree with.

  18. Harkey said:

    I really think that this is a cruel thing to do. However necessary you thought it was. The website was doomed to fail from the get go, and instead of being humble and kind and letting the issue go you make a spectacle out of it. I’ll admit it’s pathetic, but it’s not altogether new and it happens all the time. Why should you punish whomever had the ambition to make an attempt at something? Would you have liked it if someone had put you on display and bitterly mocked you with your first failed ideas? Instead you could have told her privately that it’s probably a bad idea, and even given her some of your own knowledge. Judging from the prices it was nothing more than a lemonade stand, trumped up with some do-dads and gadgets. Are you going to give your pants award to the local lemonade stand by a few kids on the corner? My two cents. ~hark

  19. Montoya said:

    Harkey: My 2 cents… nobody can attack Jem, because she really IS a professional and she’s very responsible about what she does. She has earned her right to criticize others. If you can’t see that, you don’t have an eye for quality. This isn’t grade school; the web industry is a real, serious industry and posers need to be called out.

  20. Darren said:

    Montoya’s right, Jem has earned the right to criticize any website she wants to and posers do need to be called out. No comments about the site, because I don’t want to become a part of the fight going on here and at Candi Coded.

  21. Mumblies said:

    It’s all purple……….I can’t stick purple! (no colour contrast,no outlining or definition,no clear indication of what belongs where) I lose my cursor on the page. What use is a shoutbox that small you cannot see if you have made any spelling errors until they are posted? The font is too small, My aged eyes can’t see to read most of it. If they must make petty attempts at slating you or your website, they should spell your name correctly-You do . Last but not least, since when did you become a “real gay” Jem? I mean, do you get qualifications or something? Iwanna be a real gay too! pmsl Nice pants Jem, they contrast well against that puerile purple

  22. Chris said:

    You forgot to mention she was using tables where they were not supposed to be used and also used deprecated(sp?) tags, and I have to agree with the Criticism remark, after all we ARE all entitled to our own opinions. GO JEM!!!

  23. Claire said:

    Jesus Wept… The mind boggles, she charges for image slicing, marquees and pop-ups? I’d be more inclined to pay someone to take them away, not ADD them! XD

  24. Claire said:

    BTW, Jem – if you do give a pants award to, I’d be sure to provide a photo of my very own pants for you to use (as a personal thank you for the service XD )

  25. Rhiannon said:

    Hey there, candi girl….roftlcopter @ Claire’s “Jesus Wept” line…I’m so using that sometime! Awesome stuff. Loving the gruts btw…getting some more in a few days so I’ll be sure to send em along!

  26. Louise said:

    Just noticed she ip banned all the people who commented on the little tagboard. Find it quite funny as people can use proxies and people may have changing IPs

  27. Jordan said:

    ^ I was just about to post again to get some more hits and noticed I was banned. I can’t be bothered to go through a proxy right now, but no doubt in about 30 minutes when I’ve got free time (obviously leaving this comment is allowed ^_~) I shall be leaving her more luvely comments. This is fun. :D

  28. Vera said:

    Just noticed she ip banned all the people who commented on the little tagboard. Find it quite funny as people can use proxies and people may have changing IPs She didn’t ban me… yet. And I don’t use a proxy and have a stable IP address. :D

  29. Vera said:

    er… sorry about the double comment -.- She DID delete all tagboard entries of Jem’s friends though (ie people who told her that her site’s bad).

  30. Harkey said:

    I’m not saying she isn’t entitled to make a judgement based about any website. Niceness isn’t overrated, being cruel to other people for nothing more than kicks is bullying no matter what you care to think it might be. For the record I wasn’t attacking Jem as much as reprimanding her. I may or may not have an eye for quality, but I feel that compassion for others is a much better trait to have. Secondly, every industry is real. Are you going to call out the lemonade stand on the street for being a poser? It seems that calling people out for being “posers” is just as juvenile as grade school behavior. That is what this whole thing is comparable to(the lemonade stand), and as amusing as it may be it is still cruel.

  31. Jordan said:

    Harkey, the girl that runs that website is a poser in every sense of the word, and yeah, the lemonade stand out on the street is a poser as well. “A Poser is a person who habitually pretends to be something he is not.” In this case, we have the owner of candi posing as a “professional” and even charging for the “professional” work. So tell me, how is the author not posing as someone with a profession? A professional works to receive payment for an activity (as a profession), which usually requires expertise and carries with it socially significant mores and folkways. That is to say, behaving professionally would indicate that the person’s actions remain in accordance with specific rules, written or unwritten, pertaining to behavior, dress, speech, etc. By extension, the adjective professional can indicate that someone has great expertise or skill in a craft or activity. With that being said, her being called a poser makes sense now, doesn’t it. It’s far a cry from immature/irrational/juvenile.

  32. Harkey said:

    Justify it however you like I still vehemently disagree. I agree she is perperating an image that is not her own, this is posing, and I never said she wasn’t a poser, nor do I disagree with the fact that she is undoubtedly not a professional. Think what you will but I consider it cruel. ~hark

  33. Billie said:

    Seriously, you need to grow up. If you have to post a picture of a pair of knickers to harrass someone and to bash their websites and skills, you need to seek some professional help or something. I also find it hysterical that some people’s little friends have to go on a person’s tagboard and bash the site on there. Use your free time for something more productive, people.

  34. Haley said:

    I left a comment on her site saying something like: Firefox is definitely good to get. Especially since you have a business, it will come in handy. By the way, I agree with the post at Jemjabella. If people are paying for your services, at least give them valid coding. She deletes them and responds with: Sorry for that I’ve been deleting posts, but I’m sure everyone understands. And to any future negative commenters, don’t bother. You’re wasting your time. I’m just going to keep banning and deleting. Hello, it’s a business…? I wrote Oh, so you don’t want feedback? Guess that shows what a professional business you are… seriously. If you’re a business, you have to be open for feedback, and you definitely have to be able to provide customers with top-quality products and services. Also, no, Nicky, I do NOT understand. Why? Because if I had a company and I was given negative feedback, I would take in stride and be professional. You can’t expect everybody to love everything you do all the time.

  35. Lucy said:

    LMAO. I think reading all the comments was just as fun as reading this entry! Jem, you’re hilarious. That’s why I never claim to be anything that I’m not…because I don’t want to be called out by anyone. I don’t think it was cruel in any way, shape or form. Jem, you’re entitled to your opinion and to call out people however you want. Not only that, but it provides great entertainment for us all. :)

  36. Vera said:

    Her latest blog entry: I don’t know if it is just my imagination, but I feel as if my sites, and my sites only, are targeted for negative and rude comments. Am I right? Yes Nicky, you’re the only crappy web designer on the face of the planet, so deal with it :)

  37. Julie said:

    @Vera: I thought she meant “my site and not ME”, but maybe I was wrong… @Amanda: it’s a violin. “I hear violins playing”.

  38. Chien Yee said:

    E-drama.. all because of pants. If I show this to my computer teacher, he’d give an F for readability and creativity. Anyways, that Nicky girl should just grow up. She thinks she’s professional, but the way she does things are immature and not to mention very, unprofessional. And she has a ‘donate’ page, which seems really unprofessional. “Any donation, big or small, is accepted here at Candi Coded.” Jem, you’ve donated her the best thing ever, which was her faults in webdesign and a pants award. Did she do this ( because of the award? If so, she really contradicts herself. Maybe she should just read it over again and think whether she should take up her own advice :P Jem has been professional about every single pants award. Pants should continue living on because it shows the true colours of the unreviewed, and also entertainment to us visitors ;)

  39. Darren said:

    And why should I admit my mistakes to Jem, making it seem like she’s they almighty god of web design? Maybe she’s not the “almighty god of web design”, but she is one of the best web designers on the planet with over 3000 unique visits to her site each day. Obviously everyone here is too dense to put themselves in my shoes. I sense another violin moment coming on, anyone else?

  40. Darren said:

    Sorry to post again, but I read her “Consider the Comments” article (Aww… she made an article on Jem and us, how sweet). Apply to have your site reviewed. Do not worry if your review is harsh. That is the whole point of getting reviewed to help you own a better website. Nicky, your site was reviewed and you’re bitching because your review was too harsh. I can’t believe you would complain, you were awarded a very sexy pair of underwear that you were allowed to direct link. :P

  41. Xuan said:

    I’d like to post on that crappy C-box of hers … Does anybody else get that feeling of “undercustomised template” when they go there? Do those panties come discounted in Indigo for I-Frames?

  42. Rachael said:

    @Amanda – there’s a phrase “Aw, get the violins out”. It’s stereotyping the music you hear in the movies when there’s really sad dramatical stuff happening. It’s meant in a sarcastic why. Someone goes on about “woe is me” and you say “aw, get the violins out”. If you’re particularly mean, you mime playing a violin at the same time.

  43. Aaron said:

    Well, I read the comments on her blog (and she replies to ever single one of them) and found this little gem. … frankly I don’t care about some rude foreigner. I live in America, not the UK, so we have different views and opinions.

  44. Vera said:

    So the fact that she’s American makes it OK for her to “code in Firefox”? Because that’s what I asked her…but she deleted my comment of course. Because… well you understand.

  45. Hev said:

    Jem, I just noticed your new style overrides. I love the dark blue one. It is my new favorite. Love the colors in it. Just had to complement you on it. You do wonderful work.

  46. Roxanne said:

    I’m actually an affiliate of her site. Although I try to stay away from that trend that the fansite graphic sites have. To each its own, is all I have to say to this, but I understand what you mean Jem, and you’re in your right to speak your mind how ever you like. Love the Dark Blue override. My only suggestion would to change the color of the blog and navigation headers. Maybe to a lighter pink like your italic text is. They’re a bit hard to read against the navy blueish color. Of course you don’t have to listen to me, just a suggestion. =)

  47. Mari said:

    Well, I used to be really into Nicky’s site and all the sites around it. I thought that almost all sites were fansites, (although mine wasn’t), I used I-frames and the like, had one of those tagboards and everything. This was all when I was 10-11 years old. In fact, because many sites were incompatible with a lot of browsers, I went for a while thinking something was wrong with Mozilla Firefox, because I had so much trouble viewing a lot of sites in it. Now I have valid coding and visit mostly personal sites. But I still will occasionally go back to those sites to look. I thought it was odd that one day on my daily Jemjabella visit there was a post about Candi Coded. I always think about the types of sites being really separate, though it’s not too hard for one to stumble upon the other. Anyway, now to the actual point. I know I’m really babbling on. The one thing that really really bugs me about Candi Coded is that the Basics article is basically just an advertisement. It says a lot of stuff about how when you start you will probably not be able to code or design yourself and that you really need to contact them to have them do it for you. Well, I beg to differ. When I was just starting out I was able to figure out how to code myself (I-frames, but still) and I’m sure a lot of people could. Sorry for such a long post.

  48. Renee said:

    I thought of a line from the Dark Tower series when I saw the violin picture: “…It’s the world’s tiniest violin playing “My Heart Pumps Purple Piss for You”.” Seems appropriate for several of the whiny “I can’t take constructive criticism so I’m going to cry and call people names” posts I’ve been seeing lately. Of course if I actually did comment with that somewhere they’d just delete it and ban the IP….

  49. Louise said:

    I would assume the violin signified the quote “playing the worlds smallest violin about the saddest song just for you” kinda thing

  50. Allie said:

    Personally, I think that a lot of the people posting and agreeing with Jem are not only just following a crowd, but I notice a lot of things wrong in their coding too. I think you are being a bit harsh, Jem. Harkey and Billie are right. Reviewing a site harshly and then allowing people to comment? All for kicks, nonetheless. This site was okay when the reviews were constructive. You point out all the things wrong, and assume you are “kind” person, however, you never bother to be so kind as to help the reviewed, err, victim, to ‘better’ her site for you. Just for you, although, yours isn’t the only opinion in the world. Maybe you should pay a little more attention to your posse?

  51. Taylor said:

    This is really messed up! You can’t just go around and just review sites and especially badly. If you want a review site than make one but this is definatly not one! Your think your better and if it is something personal with the owner, than take it up with but dont blame her for having a much better site than you.

  52. Haley said:

    Taylor: It’s not a review, it’s an article. People are allowed to state their opinions freely – Jem is paying for this domain name just like Nicky is. If she can’t take the criticism, the Internet isn’t the place for her. Also, Jem isn’t “blaming Nicky for having a much better site than her”. First of all, I don’t believe Candi Coded is better than Jemjabella, and second of all, I don’t think Jem is jealous at all. (Or blaming her for it.) When you look at it, who’s had more success thusfar: Jem or Nicky? You point out all the things wrong, and assume you are “kind” person, however, you never bother to be so kind as to help the reviewed, err, victim, to ‘better’ her site for you. Just for you, although, yours isn’t the only opinion in the world. Maybe you should pay a little more attention to your posse? I don’t think Jem assumes she is being “kind”. She is stating her opinion just like you and I are doing. I’m pretty sure she knows she isn’t the only one with an opinion, and most of us would benefit from figuring that out too. And what do you think she’s doing here? She’s pointing out the weak spots that can be improved. Yes, it’s a little harsh, but how will anybody learn if they don’t take criticism? I don’t want people to be pissed off at me here, because I’m only stating my opinion like you are. I’m truly thinking about what you said; I just can’t find myself understanding what Taylor, Allie, and many others are trying to say.

  53. Abby said:

    Do you really have nothing better to do than to bash a 16 year olds website? Get a life! Step outside of your house and away from the computer! Why don’t you go make some friends or get some dick or something.

  54. Jordan said:

    This kid is classic! Your think your better and if it is something personal with the owner, than take it up with but dont blame her for having a much better site than you. There’s so much wrong with that, that I’m not even going to try to pick it apart. I will just sit here and enjoy the LOL this kid brought.

  55. Sledge said:

    Meh, she seems like a nice kid who is trying to make a few bucks with a hobby that she enjoys. While I think I would be very offended if I received a pants award, I think it would be a lot worse with people commenting about it, basically calling me out on something that I am trying to enjoy and benefit from. Either way, she is starting out like anyone else, and not everyone was fantastic at coding when they began. Yeah, you could say that you didn’t boast that you were fantastic way back when, claiming to be able to code and design fabulous layouts, but she isn’t boasting–she’s, like I said, testing it out and seeing how it goes. Making fun of her for taking it in stride is a bit too much too (such as quoting her articles). I think you guys are normally fun to read, but this time I’m a little offended on her behalf. But, then again, everyone is entitled to an opinion or two, and this is mine (although a bit rambling and not quite comprehendable) =)

  56. Dicle said:

    Hey I stumbled here to ask something about your Iframe converting tutorial at Tutorialtastic but wow, I saw a site I knew getting a great award :P I’m jelaous now. She loves acting bitchy and thinks she’s a coding godness. I thought the same 3-4 months ago but I discovered validated coding, and realized how crappy she is. Well, what you do is bullying but it entertains! It’s like punching the girl always behind the ass of teachers’. You know she hasn’t done any harm to you but you feel sick and what you get in the end (black-eyes) makes you happy and peaceful! *winks* Anyway, can you explain the last part of the Iframe tutorial to me? I’ll e-mail you my code now and I hope you answer.

  57. Kat said:

    OMG! How did I miss this pants award and the e-drama that followed?! This is awesome :P Everything I wanted to say has been said but I just want to say to Sledge, this girl is ignorant. How can you even suggest charging people for something you have no expertise in? And then to make bogus claims like it’s the number one source for a low-priced coding service and all the other “reasons” to choose her. It’s ridiculous.

  58. Abby said:

    Minions? Are you fucking retarded or something? Can you not talk like a normal adult rather than a fucking weirdo? Yes, I have a great life a LOT of friends and I go out and enjoy all the things life has to offer rather than sit at home on the computer all day and bash on people who are half my age. And people like you who agree just to get on Jem’s good side are the people who got picked on in High School so now you feel you made it in with the “cool internet people!” so you can have your little nerd revenge. Pathetic!

  59. Maja said:

    Abby – Here’s my little advice. Learn how to read *properly*. Thank you. I made a “minion” comment because I saw *just that*. Mindless people desperately defending one side or the other. So before you lash out at *me*, missy, learn to bloody read. And I’ll disregard the highly insulting, yet very ridiculous, comment about being “fucking retarded” and file it under “comment given because she’s aggravated”. Because if you’re going to lash out at someone, I saw various *really* ridiculous comment further up which I found really provoking. I’ll be more then happy to point you in the right direction.

  60. Haley said:

    And people like you who agree just to get on Jem’s good side are the people who got picked on in High School so now you feel you made it in with the “cool internet people!” so you can have your little nerd revenge. Pathetic! Excuse me? Maybe we agree because we SHARE AN OPINION. Just because we don’t agree with you doesn’t mean we’re mindless… coughcough, unlike some people.

  61. Camille said:

    She was asking for it when she put “amazing quality coding”. Jem wouldn’t be the only one to criticize her site. It’s like a movie saying “the best movie of all!” Well, guess what, all the critics will go over there and just wait to see a mess up in acting, plot line, effects if there is any and basically everything else. Low and behold when it doesn’t live up to it’s motto and will get chewed up and spit out by the critics who give honest opinions on their movie. And you know what that will do? Help them make a new one. I call this a “doggy dog world” and all I can say to her is “deal with it” since I do as well.

  62. Maja said:

    Yes, how dare she use standard phrases to attract business, the thoughtless teenager as she is? One this is to have a stranger do an unrequested review, another is to have the brainless minions spamming her with unnecessary comments at HER site. See the difference?

  63. Stephanie said:

    …are you telling me I go to the beach for a week with no internet access and I miss all of this drama? Woe is me. I might need my own violin, too.

  64. Ilianna said:

    Don’t use her age as an excuse. She’s old enough to handle criticism, and she should know that on the Internet, it’s not all fluffy clouds and rainbows. She’s 16, not 10. There’s a difference. Just because she’s a minor doesn’t mean we have to coddle her and sugarcoat everything we say.

  65. Arien said:

    Umm… I hate missing pants awards. Go away for a few days and the whole internet world moves on without you… sigh. I want to be a Jem minion!! Me!!

  66. Xaari said:

    Woot Jem, you’ve really hit it on target! Every time I see a crappy site that deserves the pants award, I know that some time or other you’re going to find it too. ;)

  67. Biscuitrat said:

    The best part is this: I can code… DIV Layers iFrames Tables CSS Stylesheets Image Mapping CuteNews installation + customization Forms Navigation menus Marquees Pop-up windows Yes, I can use tags too! How classy of me! Oh, I love the Pants series. Stay on the lookout :D