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More Claims to Fame

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A couple of my spring pictures have been ‘featured’ on the website of a local newspaper (“Jem of Jackfield”; that has a nice ring to it) after I spotted them accepting Spring picture submissions. This coincides nicely with me re-adding some of my pictures to the ‘net; I am hoping to re-add some of my favourite (not best) photographs from over the years to. was also featured in another CSS gallery this week — this time, CSS Liquid which highlights design using fluid/elastic layouts (resize the browser or text and the layout moves with it). This gallery is brought to you by Christian Montoya, one of my favourite web-related bloggers. He also highlighted a problem with resizing text (or rather, the lack of support for this simple action) in a recent blog entry, which is an interesting read. (I’m guilty of it myself, before you say anything…)

Soo, yes. That’s about it today. I’ve been too busy playing Age of Empires (which is terrible considering how much stuff I have to do) to form an opinion on anything controversial today. Sorry! :P

Update: Parse error now fixed, oops.

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  1. Aaron said:

    You have an very good eye for photography. When I try I can take some good pictures but with school and my interesting life (HA!) I don’t have time to take pictures. Resizing works fine with my layout until you resize it about 20px larger than normal. I doubt many people have to resize that much. Also, Age of Empires is awesome.

  2. Jem said:

    Thanks Aaron, but I’d disagree.. I just click and click until something comes out that’s not blurry, hehe. I’m still getting used to my new camera!

  3. HannaPai said:

    Now what I was going to say… It’s so spring. Flowers and sheeps, we’re just getting rid of snow. I was thinking that it’s almost like South Germany in … December (well hmmm… there’s a lot differences, but that kind of mood I was). But those pictures are great (sheeps were so cute ^^).

  4. Becky said:

    Oh yeah? Well I’ve been doing something way more productive with MY time, I’ve been helping a really bad tutorial site and its owners. I deserve a cookie… or money. I’d rather have money. Congratulations though!!

  5. Jenny said:

    Ohh, impressed with the mentions! Looking at your gallery as we speak. ;) (or well, I type) & me and Ed are conversing about the non-nu/mbness. Will probably bug cunt about it when it’s a normal time.. his time.. & I don’t have to go to sleep :P

  6. Loadx said:

    Not only does text-size impact a layout greatly but also the browser the text is rendered in.. Take a look at how safari, Firefox and IE render text. 2 of the three is smoother than the other and IE appears to magically increase the font size by a few pixels. It’s one thing that severely shits me when doing HTML emails. I wonder what IE7’s text looks like.. might have to give it a whirl.

  7. Katie said:

    Congrats, Jem! I especially love the winter and sheep photos. =) As a side note, I came across an error in IE, but it looks fine in Firefox; in IE the bottom scrollbar appears. :(

  8. Amber said:

    Mary had a little lamb, his fleece was white as snow… Those pictures are adorable. It reminds me of the time that I fed a goat and nearly got eaten in the process.

  9. Rhys said:

    Congratulations! I’ve yet to be featured in our regional newspaper (largely because we live in a technologically retarded area), but it’s nice when other people take notice of your excellent work :)

  10. Josh(ua/y) said:

    Just like those in the gallery which is brilliant, the spring pictures look top-notch, apart from the lambs on page 14 – what’s happened there? They’re all stretched, poor lambs, some creepy person appears to have lengthened the legs for lamb racing or something.

  11. Shannon said:

    Ha. No sheep here. I live on a plain suburban, American city with cows a few miles away. I also usually just click and click until I get a non-blurry photo.

  12. Adastra said:

    Those sheep are really cute. Reminds me of the horror dream I recently had about sheep. My parents actually used to have sheep and we occasionally had a bunch of lambs, but these days we don’t have any sheep anymore. BTW, what’s this about JeverScript with the comments? :P

  13. Jem said:

    BTW, what’s this about JeverScript with the comments? :P You’ve got to have JS enabled to comment, if that’s what you mean? It’s an attempt at spam-protection, and works for the most part…

  14. Annie said:

    Wow, great pictures. I like the picture of the half-sheep and lambs, it’s really cute. That is the first time I’ve seen the local newpaper’s website.

  15. Alys said:

    He he, in a typical instance of me misreading things, I saw the last caption as “Lambs belonging to Jem Turner”. :O You own lambs! That’s really cool. I’m really impressed with your pictures, mine never come out that good :)

  16. Lindsey said:

    Age of Empires is a good game. =] I usually just like building the little towns/harvesting/cutting down trees. Entertaining? Mucho grande! =D Nice gallery! Today was my first time seeing it, as it’s been my first visit to your site. [favorites] See yah!

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