Selling on eBay: worth it? (No.)

One of the ways I was hoping that we would pay off our mortgage (let’s pretend I’ve updated that page recently) was to sell the mounds of crap I have sitting around the house on ebay. Of course by crap I mean treasure … kids clothes, old PC parts, DVDs, books, that sort of thing. Things that people will pay for because they’re useful or interesting (not actual crap, which we do get through a lot of too [insert poo joke here])

I had it in my mind that I could quickly list a bunch of stuff on ebay, make a few quid per item, stick it in the post box and be on my merry way with some extra cash towards the mortgage (or the laptop I recently invested in, whatever). Except it’s not that simple AT ALL.

For starters, it took me at least 2-3 hours to list 15 lots on ebay, and that was using the handy dandy ebay phone app which meant I didn’t have to go through the pain in the arse process of taking pictures and loading them up on my laptop / editing them / etc. Anyway, 10 of these lots sold, 5 didn’t.

I ‘made’ a total of £31.86 including postage. It cost me £26 exactly to post all of the items (to which my response was nearly “holy shit what the fuck planet are you on woman I’m sending baby clothes?!!” but fortunately I was raised better than that) leaving with me £5.86

Except eBay then took off £3.24 sellers fees so really I only made £2.62.

Oh, and then one of my buyers complained that an item listed as new was stained and so I had to offer her a partial refund to keep her sweet (because while I know she was lying out of her arse, I just can’t be bothered to get involved in a payment dispute or risk my ebay rating) so that took off another 50 pence. Subtotal now £2.12. TWO POUNDS AND TWELVE PENCE.

Nearly forgot! I also spent £6 on packaging because I’d run out of old envelopes and brown paper.

So, people of the interwebs, I actually made, all in, minus £3.88 (and that’s before we count the money I didn’t make while I wasn’t working during the 3 hours it took to list these items and the 2 hours it took to pack and post them which actually puts me at approximately minus two hundred quid. Arse.)

Am I going to pay off my mortgage selling on ebay? Only if I somehow manage to score lucky on a gullible buyer who wants to give me a few thousand for a sick stained sleepsuit. Unlikely, somehow.

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