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Nothing quite like being woken up by a sopping wet toddler at just gone 5am because of an epic nappy failure. We’ve been using close parent pop-ins (old style) with the dri-night booster overnight for some time, and had up until this point been full…

 |  Parenting

Cloth Nappies: Day Three

The last day of my experiment (yesterday) was a resounding success. Isabel was in cloth (just ordinary terries) all day until bedtime; we went out to the park for a bit, went to the shop and no leakages. I’m really impressed with how well they…

 |  Parenting

Cloth Nappies: Day Two

Non-parenting readers will have to bear with me while I complete my experiment ;) Yesterday Izz spent most of the day in cloth, with no leakages! My mum picked me up late morning and we went to Boots to get some terries/pins/waterproof pants (until I…

 |  Parenting

Cloth Nappies: Day One

A couple of weeks ago, I sat down and worked out how much we’ve spent on disposable nappies in 7 months. It turned out to be some ridiculously huge figure like £120. As Izz gets bigger and the size of the nappies get bigger, the…

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