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I Feel Old

 |  Misc

I’ve spent that much time in and out of doctors and hospitals recently, I feel like I should be cashing in a pension.

I had to see a dermatologist type doc a fortnight ago for The Suspicious Boob Mole. It’s no longer suspicious, mind you, as it’s completely harmless.

Then Tuesday this week I had the follow-up appointment with the cock of a surgeon who told me I’d have to stop breastfeeding Isabel after I had the problems with my gallbladder/jaundice last year. I want to say “haha, fuck you, I was right and you were wrong”, but felt that might have been petty.

Anyway, turns out I still have a bunch of stones in my gallbladder and they want to take it out to sell on ebay. This of course meant we had to get in to the whole “I’m actually still breastfeeding” conversation, which was fun. Anyway, long story short, I will probably be booked in around the end of Nov/beginning of Dec for the op. Isabel will be 2 by then, so even if we assume she’s still feeding, she should (hopefully) be more than content to go without overnight. If not, Karl is going to have to grow some “bubba”s…

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  1. Mumblies said:

    If you think you are old now, what are you going to do if/when you have another baby? I’m sure you are not really that old and just feeling stressed and harried with all the house business etc added in.

    I think once you have settled in at your new house and unpacked etc and returned to whatever resembles normal for you then book yourselves into a nice bed and breakfast place and have a weekend to rest and recuperate.

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