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 |  Misc

Still Boycotting Nestlé

As my post on my decision to boycott Nestlé is doing the rounds on Facebook again (and I mentioned it on twitter this week) I thought I’d write an update on where I am with it. Firstly, it’s important to note that I’m not just…

 |  Parenting

On the Divisive Issues of Parenting

Naomi, in response to a question on why women trouble themselves with debate on divisive parenting issues: […] keeping women occupied with relatively trivial parenting matters which our ancestors didn’t think twice about means we don’t have time or energy to recognise our true status…

 |  Misc

Thoughts on UK Election Results

David Cameron is now prime minister. I’m annoyed, confused, bemused and anxious all in one go. I made it no secret that I voted for my local Liberal Democrat candidate. Not only did I feel she had the most to offer my constituency but I…

 |  Parenting

The Politics of Parenting

Gina Ford — so-called “parenting guru” — has lashed out at UK Lib Dem party leader Nick Clegg after he hit out at her parenting manual. Ford, an unqualified former maternity nurse questioned Clegg’s maturity (ironic, given her lawsuit against mumsnet after mums shared a…

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