What a day.

Gaz is away til late tonight so I have 3 options:

  • Catch up on some more work, which I need to do.
  • Catch up on some housework, which I should do.
  • Have a bath and go to bed with a bottle of wine and a book, which I want to do.

Unfortunately after today the odds are looking likely on #1.

In the unlikely event that you’ve not already heard, today we – the UK – voted to leave the European Union. In my humble opinion this is a terrible idea for the country, for the economy and for people as a whole and so I voted to remain. However, little did I know – until this morning – it would also be terrible for me: thanks to the pound crashing to a 31 year low, a lot of the online services I rely on to do business (everything from hosting to Github, my accounts package, etc) have skyrocketed in price.

Unless the pound recovers quickly, it will become financially infeasible for me to continue using some of these services: I’m now faced with the prospect of moving half of my websites to UK based servers. (They’re not abroad because of an “indian call centre” money saving thing, sometimes it is better for a site to be hosted in the same location as its target audience.)

This means that in a month where my work output is already low because of my assault and ill health I may have to spend hours working on admin and migrations rather than ‘real’ work and projects which are already overdue.

Suffice to say I’m a bit pissed off about this whole bloody mess.


  1. Hey Jem,

    I’m notrying super flush at the moment because I recently had move some cash around to hire a lawyer to deal with mom’said estate after her recent passing, but I might be able to scrape together sone cash to help pay a little for your hosting if I can. Stay strong girl!

    • Jem

      25 Jun at 6:12 pm

      Ahhhh you’re a darlin’ :) we’ll be ok I think. The pound is crawling slowly back up so I may be able to hold fire – although I’m looking at potentially implementing this kind of contigency plan in the long term.

  2. With all the shit that’s going on here in the US (namely the shit show that is the presidential primaries), it was kind of nice to have the whole world turn its “are you fcking serious” eye away from us for a hot minute.

    And by nice I don’t mean nice at all, everything sucks.

    I’m sorry everything is becoming more expensive for you though. I hope the pound recovers and you don’t have to seek out other services.