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Furry Friday: Cuddles

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How better to bring myself back into regular blogging than with pictures of the furry boys? Apologies for the quality, these are taken in shit light (again):

cuddly cats

tunnel fudgey

And if you like Furry Fridays, you may be interested in my next project. I’ll not be starting it for a couple of months though, so you can wait until then for details.

Jem Turner +44(0)7521056376

20 comments so far

  1. Hev said:

    SQUEAL!!!! Thanks Jem. I needed these today. Boy, I almost bought tunnel for you. I am glad that I didn’t, lol. Need any other toys? I hate the sound of that cause it almost sounds as if you can’t find anything across the pond, lol. But I know that in Ireland you can’t find a certain type of furry mice (Rhea has me get them for her) & I can get them over here. If you do then let me know & I will send them with your present.

  2. Emsz said:

    Awww! :D They look so cute together :) My cat is a bit anti social, and even when we still had the other cat they’d hardly ever sleep together like that :(

  3. Mimi said:

    Hoorah! Did we miss them last Friday? I thought so because of the move but I could be wrong..! I wish my cats cuddled.. They just hiss at each other. LOL

  4. Chanel said:

    I love how you slyly mention the coming of a new project, but don’t reveal any details. I think that’s just plain cruel. :( … hehehe.

    Your cats are too cute. It’s great they seem to get along so well together; I can’t remember a time when my dog was ever that chummy with another animal, dog or not. :P … Anti-social little bugger!

  5. April said:

    Aww cute little fellas aren’t they!
    Way to go on holding out the surprise, gawwwsh! Might it have something to do with dedicating a website to Furry Fridays only every day of the week? :P

  6. Swetlana said:

    Hey Jem =)
    Your cats look really cute! I like the white one.
    I wanted to ask you if you could help me with something. I would like to display my fanupdate stats on my homepage but I have no idea how to get that up and running. Would it be possible that you could have a look at it and tell me if it’s possible with fanupdate?
    Bye <3

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